Why you should be starting an online marketplace?

Why you should be starting an online marketplace?

Yes! this is a very justified question.

We already have Amazon, Flipkart or Jet than why should we start a new online marketplace.

The answer to this is simple and it is something you will need to ponder upon.

Why you should start a marketplace?

Is is because everyone else you know is doing one and you also want to do it. If this is the thought that comes to your mind, I will pass and you dare not think about starting one for yourself cause you will be bad at it.

but if you think that

You can create value to a niche set of products, you can disrupt the market, you can make it easier for buyers to buy and sellers to sell Phew now you are taking and making sense. I can make out you are full of energy.


Many people come and ask us why they should start a marketplace while there are already many with deep pocket the answer is simple

  • Do you think they have solved all the problems in the buying and selling process of an online user?
  • Do you think there is nothing to innovate or disrupt in online business space?

and the answer is always a NO!

A marketplace is a platform for buyers and sellers to collaborate, to sell more effectively and increase revenues leading to better profitability. It saves a seller from the agony of unsold inventory and lower sales volumes. It increases the reach and profitability to a business while providing better collection to choose from to a buyer.

They are surely NEEDED and the NEED will grow for sure.

Planning to start an Online Marketplace

Ecommerce Services – What all you can sell online today!

Ecommerce Services – What all you can sell online today!

Still under the misconception that those big banners, hoardings and newspaper adverts can help you pitch the sales. Believe me, the times have changed and it’s time for you to take the right move. The time demands taking your business online and making handsome profits. Taking business online will help you reach a wider audience across the globe with more power to sustainability.

Irrespective of the business (be it product or services), you can choose the right marketplace for your business. Ask your ecommerce services provider regarding the business models available. There are essentially three models namely Service Marketplace, B2B Marketplace and B2C Marketplace. Depending upon your type of business you can choose them. Now Let’s have a look at some of the industries which can be taken online within a single day.

  1. Grocery Store

Sell your vegetables, fruits and other daily need items over an ecommerce web portal. A well-designed Ecommerce solution for grocery store offers easy addition and maintenance of products. The invoices and inventories can be managed with a single click. It not only helps to reach a wider audience but also reduces the extra effort wasted over manual calculations and works.

  1. Gifts Store

Having a small gift shop? It’s time to expand beyond the horizons. A right gift store helps you to categorize your gifts according to age, gender, type etc. You can easily manage your personalized items over there. More over as the ecommerce portals are 100% responsive, this makes shopping on the phone a fun.

  1. Jewelry ecommerce store

Having a good reputation in the market? But what’s the use if no one outside the city knows you. An ecommerce jewelry store helps to build strong relationship across countries spanning international borders. The ecommerce store has inbuilt functionalities of tax and ‘making charges’ calculations. Thus, making the overall process easy and 100% genuine.

  1. Book Store

Books Store and libraries require an extra effort in maintenance. The online ecommerce services make the complete process a child play. You can easily sub-categorize the books according to age, author, price and subject etc. An incredible book store portal helps the users in finding the book and offer easy & single page checkouts.

  1. Shoes, fashion and Apparel

You can easily take your fashion store online and make profitable income from there. The main thing while exploring any fashion portal is that the UI should be navigation friendly. It should not be such that users feel lost and unable to find a direction to the previous links. The user is also allowed to share his views in form of feedbacks which will definitely prove a help for others.

  1. Baby Products

Mange your baby store easily with ecommerce services. You can easily categorize them as per daily need items, clothing, diapers etc. The working parents usually order while commuting as they don’t have time to visit a local shop and buy the things. So it’s a golden opportunity to tap the potential buyers. The responsiveness of the website proves to be an added advantage.

  1. Services

Apart from product selling, even the websites such as Zimmber and Urban clap offer services such as plumbing, beauty, photography etc. direct to home. You can earn good commission from them.

  1. Bulk Products

Apart from retailing under the B2C model, you can also build a module in case you are a bulk product supplier. You can easily manage the logistic charges and other tax details along with the inventory and warehouse management.

This list is just a small snippet of what all things can be sold online. Go Bizarre, Join the revolution and start providing your ecommerce services today.

What to look in an end to end ecommerce services solution?

What to look in an end to end ecommerce services solution?

While looking for an ecommerce solution user must be clear that it’s much more than just a website with a cart. A complete end to end ecommerce services solution is just not about technology, it’s about picking the right model, digital marketing, payment modes, features which boost the UX, etc. All other physical operational constraints which affect the launch and burnish your website fall under the end to end considerations. Let’s dive into what things should be considered in an end to end services solution.

  1. What your business model?

There are different types of marketplace models available today. Your ecommerce solution provider will guide you in deciding the right one.

  • B2C Product Marketplace: It’s a platform which is similar to Amazon.in and Flipkart model where you are greeted with products listed from registered sellers from different parts of the country which can be bought for end consumption/usage.

  • B2B Product marketplace: The B2B platform is used to connect B2B Users like manufacturers with whole sellers, distributors & retailer for trading of their products in bulk. The basic concept in B2B includes bulk selling, procurement & semi procurement-based selling and tax management etc.

  • Services Marketplace: It’s an aggregation of services providers who offer you the basic of services such as those at Urbanclap and zimmber.

  1. Responsiveness of your ecommerce solution

Responsive means that your ecommerce website holds back the layout irrespective of the device from where it is viewed. All components scale automatically as per the device such as iPod, tablet, Smartphone etc. In fact do look for the support for different browsers as well.

  1. Digital marketing- SEO

Your ecommerce website or other services should be search engine friendly. If not on the top but at least the product or the right URL should be shown on the top 5 hits received on any search Engine. Ask your ecommerce service provider regarding the optimizations as a website without proper SEO is destined to get lost in this e-world.

  1. Inventory Management and Tax calculations

Your ecommerce site should be equipped with proper tax and commission calculations such as GST, CGST etc. It drastically reduces the manual work. The inventory and the warehouses should be seamlessly integrated.

  1. Analytics and Email subscriptions

A good Analytics module helps to know the traffic trends. For example, from where your website is getting maximum traffic, what is the conversion ratio, from which demographic location you are getting the traffic, etc. The website should also support newsletter and email subscription module.

  1. Catalogues and Shopping cart building

Your ecommerce service should have an incredible, automated and unlimited product addition facility along with sub-categorization of products. Also check that shopping cart seamlessly adds the products without hiding the shipping charges.

  1. Social Media Support

Social media Integration is something which cannot be ignored under any circumstances. It is quintessential part of any ecommerce service or ecommerce website. Your website should have support for social media platforms and their login modules such as those from Facebook, twitter and Instagram etc.

  1. User and Navigation friendly

The interface should be user friendly and should not be cluttered. This significantly boosts the user experience and drives more traffic towards the website. The user should not get confused while navigating from one page to another. All the important links should be properly visible at every page.

  1. Affordability

Last but not the least all the services should fall in your budget.

Retaxis is built using the latest and most advanced platforms as well as software’s and helps you in materializing your dream for starting an ecommerce service portal for any business vertical. Explore https://www.retaxis.com/ for more promising solutions.

Why do you need to outsource ecommerce designing & development services for your startup?

Why do you need to outsource ecommerce designing & development services for your startup?

Internet is over-flooded with startups. Each day a new business pops up but there is no guarantee of its sustainability. The online business is equally challenging as in the real world. You have to fight a tough competition, choose the right marketing strategy and build a good reputation. The things are just not like a cake walk as most of the startup entrepreneurs would have imagined. Customer acquisition is a most tough & long process and is definitely not a single day job. You need to have an integrated approach and the right business model to hit the jackpot. One of the ways towards great success is to outsource the ecommerce services for your startup. Have a look at the reasons.

  1. Financial constraints

The reason behind failures of the ecommerce services is lack of proper ecommerce development services. Rather than spending a hefty sum over the development and purchasing each and everything, better approach the ecommerce services provider. There are many advancements made in the field of technology which can effectively decrease your infrastructure cost such as using the cloud storage, SAAS (Software as a service) and PAAS (platform as a service). Here you just need to pay as per the services which rules out the huge amount costing to buy those expensive software’s and database machines.

  1. Technical constraints

Well, training your employees and then building the ecommerce portal calls for huge expenditure. Even though you are not sure that the ecommerce services provided are up-to-date and use the latest software’s & ecommerce platform. Outsourcing the ecommerce services guarantees an updated, advanced and latest ecommerce website equipped with excellent features and 100% customer services. Your ecommerce service provider will charge an affordable rate and the things fall in your expected budget. As per your requirement, there are various models available such as ecommerce b2b and b2c. Pick the one which suits you or better consult your ecommerce service provider.

  1. Focus on marketing rather than development

Yes!! By outsourcing the ecommerce services, you not only add bells and whistles to your ecommerce site but also get time for effective marketing and promotional strategies to be planned. Any ecommerce website without proper digital marketing is destined to be declared immature and ultimately turns out to be a failure.

  1. Expanding mode but not hiring

Your business has started well and now you are planning to scale. But the things aren’t able to materialize as you lack the infrastructure which is required to attain the same. Simply, the answer lies in outsourcing. Rather than hiring a full-time staff of developers and paying them a heavy salary, you just need to outsource the services. This reduces cost and the specialists take care of everything.

  1. Time is money

In today’s world, time is precious and is money. Save your time, money and extra botheration by outsourcing your ecommerce services to the professionals. This will increase your customer conversions, visitor count and ROI (Return over Investments) as well.

Even the biggest of Ecommerce giants prefer outsourcing. Technology has made the selection process much easier. Just Google and the answer lies in a single click. It’s the time, you take the right decision, else your competitor will!!!

10 things you need to know about your Ecommerce Solution

10 things you need to know about your Ecommerce Solution

Creating an ecommerce solution is not a tough task but maintaining the portal is the crust of surviving in the e-World. You should be aware about certain things before venturing into the ecommerce business. Here are 10 sure shot things which you need to know about your ecommerce solution to make some handsome profits thru your venture.

  1. UI and Design Layout

The User Interface, the template, platform and the design layout must be incredible, catchy and well coded. A boring or shabby looking design is often overlooked by the visitors and the window is closed within the first 5 seconds. Here is the key, you need to focus on the designing part as “First impression is the last impression”.

  1. Is it responsive?

Another thing which is to be worried about is regarding the responsive nature of your website. Most of the ecommerce solutions providers deal with responsive websites but you should cross check whether your website is cross-platform (tablets, mobiles, laptop) and cross-browser (Mozilla, IE, Safari, Chrome etc.) compatible.

  1. SEO and User friendly

A good-catchy website is of no use, if it’s not SEO optimized and search engine friendly. The URLs and the supporting links must be SEO friendly which will result in at least first page SERP on every search engines. The interface should not be over cumbersome or difficult to steer. The complete thing (both admin and user end) should be easily operative and managed.

  1. Support at admin Dashboard

A perfect ecommerce solution will extend good support at admin level as well. The admin dashboard should equip the admin to create unlimited categories, make the tax calculation easy (such as GST in India), commission calculations and other managing activities which comprise the overall aspect of the administrator.

  1. Ease of Navigation

The ecommerce solution should not be stuffed with links and irrelevant data / advertisements. The user should not get confused while navigating from one page to another. The links should be proper and vivid. The more UX your website offers more is the foot fall.

  1. Extraordinary Features

Let me make it very clear, that you cannot compete with major Giants such as Amazon, Ebay etc. But you can offer your services contemplating them. Your ecommerce solutions should be equipped with extraordinary and incredible features which will add the desired bells and whistles to your website.

  1. Analytics

A good ecommerce solution should be equipped with proper analytics abilities by using extensions/plugins or Google Analytics. These Analytics will help the tap the demographic locations of the visitors, the likes/ dislikes, average time spent over the website etc. This will give the admin an idea regarding the marketing strategies and other sale campaigns which he has planned to launch.

  1. Support to social media

Yes!! No one survives without that as the opinions do matter. Gone are the days when a Search Engine ranking was sufficient. Now days, if you want to increase your visitor count and conversion ratio, your website needs to be linked with social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Maximum traffic is generated via these websites.

  1. Order generation and Checkout Process

Get a gist on how the cart is built and order is generated. Cross verify regarding the billing techniques and generation of invoices. Make sure that your website offers single click checkout as if the complete thing requires signing up before order placement, the user may not be interested in filling up that complete form. Rather a simple mechanism of social media login can also be adopted for verifying the genuinity of the user.

  1. Automated Newsletter and Email subscriptions

In order to keep your customers notified regarding the upcoming new items or any SALE offers, the ecommerce portal should have a support for automated newsletter and email subscriptions as well.

The Final Words

The success of your ecommerce solutions lies in your hands and you must utilize that effectively. Keep updated and don’t forget to pay equal attention towards promoting and marketing of your portal. Last but not the least, before proceeding make a proper audience research and market analysis as well.

What challenges should your ecommerce solution provider take care of?

What challenges should your ecommerce solution provider take care of?

Setting up an ecommerce solutions store or an online shopping portal does not declare that the things are over; rather the movie has just begun. Now it’s the time to build a customer database by increasing customer conversions and generating more traffic. The Things are not like slice of cake as they seem to be. An ecommerce provider faces various challenges while his online journey. Here are top 5 challenges faced by the providers and solutions on how to overcome that.

  1. Customer Retention

Giving way to new customer by offering lucrative deals is far much easier than retaining the old ones. With the coming of major retail giants such as Amazon, Flipkart and EBay who keep on announcing occasional wardrobe sales makes the competition further stiff to hold back your existing customers.

Solution: The store owner must keep going some loyalty bonus schemes or cashbacks for the existing customers in order to keep the things going. Another way around can be promotional via social media platforms or referral schemes which will not only encourage participation of existing customers but will increase visitor count as well.

  1. Competition with Bigger Giants

The main issue for the new ecommerce providers comes regarding the shipping and delivery delays. The established e-retailers or manufacturers have courier service worldwide along with warehouses in almost every major city. This makes the delivery process to be completed in 1-2 days with almost negligible to zero shipping charges.

Solution: The ecommerce provider needs to increase their inventory and warehouses across the country so as to expedite the shipping with zero shipping charges.

  1. Returns and Refunds

The general trend has been seen that users prefer the online sellers which offer hassle free and speedier returns. The additional cost of logistics and return shipping has to be borne by the provider itself. He is at a loss ultimately.

Solution: You must not hide return policy from your users. Be clear and use simple English in explain the policy. Clearly mention the return period and the reasons on which the product can be returned. Offer good service, the users will definitely appreciate.

  1. User Verification & Authentication

Till now, all the online portals or the ecommerce providers cannot guarantee regarding the authentication of the user. It may be possible that the user may refuse regarding the order which is placed using “Cash on Delivery”. This may be one of the reasons contributing in revenue loss for the e-commerce company.

Solution: The risk involving COD cannot be denied but still can be reduced. The KYC of the user must be completed and the email and phone number must be verified. This will substantially reduce the chances of product refusal.

  1. Generation of more Traffic

Getting right type of traffic is a big challenge. Ecommerce providers generally follow a single channel for marketing. The provider should understand that right kind of digital marketing is the key to success of the online portal.

Solution: Ask your ecommerce solutions provider regarding other modes of digital marketing such as PPC ads, affiliate links, subscription emails and social media campaigns. This will definitely improve your SEO as well as increase your conversion rates.

The Final Word
Apart from these problems, some things are in the hand of the ecommerce provider such as giving proper descriptions of the products, checking the product quality before dispatch and proper coordination with your courier partners. Take proper backup and update your website regularly to avoid any technical failures. Surviving in this e-world is a challenging task and by following these solutions, no-one can stop you in becoming invincible.

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