What to look in an end to end ecommerce services solution?

While looking for an eCommerce solution users must be clear that it’s much more than just a website with a cart.

A complete end to end eCommerce services solution is just not about technology, it’s about picking the right model, digital marketing, payment modes, features which boost the UX, etc. All other physical operational constraints which affect the launch and burnish your website fall under the end to end considerations. Let’s dive into what things should be considered in an end to end services solution.

1. What your business model?

There are different types of marketplace models available today. Your eCommerce solution provider will guide you in deciding the right one.

B2C Product Marketplace: It’s a platform that is similar to Amazon.in and Flipkart model where you are greeted with products listed from registered sellers from different parts of the country which can be bought for end consumption/usage.
B2B Product marketplace: The B2B platform is used to connect B2B Users like manufacturers with whole sellers, distributors & retailers for the trading of their products in bulk. The basic concept in B2B includes bulk selling, procurement & semi procurement-based selling and tax management, etc.
Services Marketplace: It’s an aggregation of services providers who offer you the basic of services such as those at Urbanclap and zimmber.

2. Responsiveness of your eCommerce solution

Responsive means that your eCommerce website holds back the layout irrespective of the device from where it is viewed. All components scale automatically as per the device such as iPod, Tablet, Smartphone, etc. In fact, do look for support for different browsers as well.

3. Digital marketing- SEO

Your eCommerce website or other services should be search engine friendly. If not on the top but at least the product or the right URL should be shown on the top 5 hits received on any search engine. Ask your eCommerce service provider regarding the optimizations as a website without proper SEO is destined to get lost in this e-world.

4. Inventory Management and Tax calculations

Your eCommerce site should be equipped with proper tax and commission calculations such as GST, CGST, etc. It drastically reduces the manual work. The inventory and the warehouses should be seamlessly integrated.

5. Analytics and Email subscriptions

A good Analytics module helps to know the traffic trends. For example, from where your website is getting maximum traffic, what is the conversion ratio, from which demographic location you are getting the traffic, etc? The website should also support the newsletter and email subscription module.

6. Catalogs and Shopping cart building

Your eCommerce service should have an incredible, automated, and unlimited product addition facility along with sub-categorization of products. Also, check that the shopping cart seamlessly adds the products without hiding the shipping charges.

7. Social Media Support

Social media Integration is something that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. It is a quintessential part of any eCommerce service or eCommerce website. Your website should have support for social media platforms and their login modules such as those from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

8. User and Navigation friendly

The interface should be user friendly and should not be cluttered. This significantly boosts the user experience and drives more traffic towards the website. The user should not get confused while navigating from one page to another. All the important links should be properly visible on every page.

9. Affordability

Last but not least all the services should fall in your budget.

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