How to drive more sales on your ecommerce store

How to drive more sales on your ecommerce store

Customer loyalty programs – An Advantage or a Disadvantage?

A customer loyalty program can be an advantage for the website owner’s if done well. If up & running properly, loyalty programs can keep your customers turning back for repeated purchases. The ongoing rewards, Cashbacks & sales can convert casual browsers into potential recurring buyers.

But if done wrong, it can be a curse for the website owners. If the running customer loyalty program is below the line, it can lead to a loss of customer’s interest in the offered products & services. Moreover, it will be a waste of time, resources and money.

A potential customer once lost is hard to retain back. But keeping some key factors in mind we can forsure use these loyalty programs as a customer retention tools.

What is Customer Loyalty Program?

A customer loyalty program is a rewards program offered by a company/website to customers who frequently make purchases. A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance released products.

Using this technique, we can target both new & existing customers.

Loyalty programs can also be called as ‘incentives’ offered to the buyers against purchase of any product or service. The incentives are directly proportional to the order amount i.e. higher the order amount, higher will be the incentive received by the buyer. The incentivisation can be in terms of discounts, freebies, in cashback points or any other form.

What offerings can churn maximum outputs for you?

From a wide range of offerings, customer loyalty programs can vary on the basis of Product/Services or on the business’s working strategy/planning.

  1. Offer Cashbacks on purchases

The cashback offering program allows customers to earn money back from previous purchases and redeem them after a certain interval of time, amount or purchases. The cashback if often a pre-defined ‘x percentage’ of the order value & is credited back to the user’s online wallet after a certain interval of time. This cashback can then be spend on future purchases, effectively discounting the future purchase.

  1. Offer Discounts

The discount program offers a certain percentage discount or flat amount discount on an order. Discounts can be applied either to a specific product or to the entire order.

These discounts can also be referred to as ‘sales’. The discount amount is offered on the MRP of the product thus reducing the sales prices of it.

This program usually applies instant benefits to customers during check out.

  1. Offer Reward/Royalty points in online wallet

With the royalty points program, customer is offered royalty points in his account based on the behaviour of his previous purchases. The accumulated points can be redeemed as virtual cash in their online wallet which can be redeemed in the next purchases.

With his reward or royalty point program, users are motivated as they earn points upon their actions performed on the website.

  1. Refer & earn

With the refer and earn program, users are rewarded with virtual money in their online wallet for referring their family & friend to make a purchase of any product or from any specific website. Using this program, both the referrer & the referee earns a certain amount in their online wallet which can be redeemed in their next purchase.

This program motivates a user to refer a product/service/website to his family and friends to earn some extra amount in his wallet which in turn is beneficial for the website to increase their visibility and to generate more orders out of the referrals.

  1. Offer membership subscriptions

The membership subscription program entitles the user to subscribe as a premium member on the website. With this premium member subscription, the user gets an advantage of many premium facilities like 1st access to pre-launch products, flash sales and introductory products, free shipping for his orders, access to exclusive shopping events & products etc. For e.g. Amazon Prime.

  1. Offer freebies

With freebies program, the website owner gives away some freebies with every order placed on the website. These freebies can be product dependent & independent. For e.g. while selling a shoe, the buyer can be offered a pair of socks as a freebie and while ordering a mobile the buyer can be offered a screen guard as a freebie.

Offering freebies enhance the user’s buying experience.

  1. Free Shipping

With the free shipping module, the website’s owner offers the buyer a free shipping of his goods over and above a fixed order amount. If the order amount exceeds that threshold limit, no shipping charges are incurred by the buyer.

This program encourages the buyer to purchase the products of a minimum amount of that threshold limit so as to avail free shipping.

  1. Gift cards

Gift cards are the prepaid cards that can be purchased from the respective website by a user. The user when purchasing a gift card is given a unique gift card number which can be used to make purchases by him. No cash transaction is required while redeeming a gift card.

The rules regarding a gift card is set by the admin.

When can these rewards be offered to the buyers?

The above-mentioned rewards can be offered to the buyers based on their actions/tasks. The actions might include:

  • On User registration
  • Buying a specific product
  • Festive season discounts
  • On referring a friend
  • Custom offers based on Birthdays’, anniversary etc.
  • On basis of order amount (higher the order amounts, higher is the cashback/loyalty points)
  • User’s activity on social media page- promotions by user.

Benefits of enabling these customer loyalty programs on your website:


  1. Boosts up your sale.
  2. Brand promotions
  3. Existing customer retention
  4. Increased traffic on website
  5. Increased CLV (Customer’s lifetime value)
  6. Recurring orders from customers
  7. More orders means more revenue generation
  8. Customers mouth to mouth publicity of your brand
Still Running a non-competitive store – Get Online Sell Online

Still Running a non-competitive store – Get Online Sell Online

By being a local retail store, you have an advantage of targeting hyper-locals with whom you can get in touch in person & maintain a healthy relationship to achieve your targeted sales goal!

But what if, you get to know that by following this bygone approach, your viability of expanding your business & churning more profits out of it is dropping down as you are targeting a limited audience.

The physical presence of a retail store is must to cater local customers and strengthen your roots in the market but if you turn a blind eye to the on-going trends of eCommerce & m-Commerce, you are forfeiting your chances to the long run.

With the increasing number of tech savy user’s, business owner’s need to upgrade their working/selling methodologies to drive more sales.

To move with the ongoing technology driven market trends & to maximize your sales, you need to convert your retail store to an e-tail store.

How you can do that? Here the answer!

  1. Create a mobile-friendly responsive ecommerce website

Get an online website for your physical store is the 1st thing that you need to do. The retailer’s need to make sure that their website is up, running & accessible to the buyer and is updated with almost all the products from their catalogue.

The store owner needs to ensure that his website is responsive in design and can be browsed thru desktop or mobile phone with its proper functioning.

Today, more than 57% of the customers prefer browsing thru their mobile phones & there is a high possibility of their bouncing back if the website is not viewed properly on their handheld devices.

If you have a mobile site up and running, make sure that it fulfils the following requirement:

  • Responsive design: Adaptive to any mobile or tablet devices.
  • Product display & its description: Display the complete product catalogue with proper & visible description
  • Loading & browsing speed of the website: The website should load faster.
  • Search tools with automatic suggestions functionality: Search bar to search for products using their name or attributes.
  • Scroll down for new products: Let the user scroll down to find new products rather than click for new pages.
  • Single page checkout option with options to pay-online/wallet: User should be able to make the purchase by making his payments online.
  1. Go Cashless by using online/mobile payments solution

Retailer’s can drive their customers to their online web-store where they can browse thru the complete product catalogue without speaking to any of the sales executive. They can choose the products on their own and can complete the shopping using the self-checkout option.

Retailers can also install self-checkout kiosks in their physical store using which the user can browse thru their online store and can make a purchase of their preferred products by making online payments to the store.

POS devices can also be used to enable digitalization of the physical store.

The retail stores have many benefits of going cashless & by using their web-store to drive sales. By using this approach, they can cut down the hustle of hiring sales executives who assists the buyer in his shopping, the buyer can search and find the product as per his requirement and can make a selection on his own terms.

The physical store dependency of the retailer will not be an issue now as he has more ways to drive sales.

  1. Promote your business digitally

To get an online business up & running, you need to get the business promoted in the online space where buyers who are in search of any product/service related to your catalogue can see your listing with the link of your website. This marketing will increase your brand visibility which eventually increase in customer visits & order creation.

One of the easiest & most effective way to market your products is investing in the paid searches. These paid promotions ensures that your listing are showcased at the top of search engine results with immediate effects.

You just need to invest in the paid searches and boom! Any user who searches for the product related to your catalogue can see your name on the top of search engine/Google results.

The paid promotions empowers you to get quick results in searches while the SEO practise takes times in doing the same.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic way to optimize & improve your website’s visibility and ranging on search engine’s search results. As compared to paid searches, SEO takes some time to show the results.

  1. Showcase your online product catalogue

The user coming on the website wishes to purchase some or the other product listed on the website. The products are listed on a virtual platform where the user can neither touch & feel the product nor can use the trial room to check how it fits.

In this virtual ecosystem, brand/product catalogue plays a vital role in enhancing the customer’s buying experience and to increase the sales. The store owner needs to showcase the products on his website with the best of its images and the complete description & how to use instructions.

Online selling is all about how the products are displayed/showcased on the website.

The digital cataloguing process can be used to drive more sales by showcasing more relevant products in reference to the product being viewed by the buyer.

The technique of doing this is known as UPSELLING of products. Fusing the searched products with some more related products will lead to more user engagement which in turn would increase the number of orders which in turn would eventually increase the revenue churned.

  1. Run in-store promotions for buyers (Discount coupons & cashbacks)

Running in-store promotional activities like instant discount coupons, promotional cashback offers on the order amount, earning on referrals etc. are a great way to engage users to buy more products from the website and even to promote the website by referring it to their family & friends in order to qualify for the promotional cashbacks.

The website can also provide the buyer with some goodies/Freebies for his brand promotions & enhanced customer shopping experience.

Customer’s love to receive discounts, cashbacks, freebies/goodies which encourages them to make their purchases thru online medium rather than offline physical stores.

6 Errors hampering growth of your e-commerce website

6 Errors hampering growth of your e-commerce website

First things first, it’s a myth that if we fill our commerce store with hundreds and thousands of products then it will automatically drive search engine traffic to our ecommerce store.

When planning to optimise an e-commerce store you need to understand that it is much more difficult than optimising those 5 page company websites or blogs. So what is it that we need to keep in mind when optimising our commerce store for search engines and what are the common errors we have see that most of the commerce store owners do and do again.

1. Lack of Product Description

An image is worth thousand words but then missing on putting a text description on your products is the first NO thing you should do. Insufficient product information will reduce your chances to almost a zero to be on a search engine’s radar. Search engines can not read images (as of yet) and when they come across one then they look for “alt tags” that you have provided as a description of the image. So first thing you should do is write crisp description about the products that you put on your commerce store.

2. Using Product Descriptions from Manufacturers

Ok so you sell mobile phones or camera’s and since the parent company has already invested in writing a description and details about the product you sell then why not copy the same from their website. “What’s the harm in that?” ism’t this the thought you get when planning to put your products for selling, but hang on for a minute isn’t this the thought everyone gets when they plan to put the same product for selling online on their store.

Search engines are hungry for new and unique content, coping your product descriptions from the parent website makes you a victim of non-unique content. You can definitely copy content from the parent website but feel free to make some amends to it so that it becomes unique to your website.

Always create unique content fro your website.

3. Lack of Product Reviews

Ask your self a question, what do you do as the first thing when you plan to buy a top brand newly launched mobile phone or a new shirt. You research for the features ok that’s yada, yada but then what is the most important part you look for. Isn’t it the reviews of the product buy others who have purchased it. Reviews are a major decision influencers for the products that you sell on your store and the more you get them the better it is for you. Did you know that Reviews are also small snippets of unique content for your website which comes for free, they keep your website content unique at all times and more interactive for your customers. Make sure your products are reviewed by their buyers.

4. Not Optimising Product Pages Based on the Search Demand

What do you think will give you better conversion “car” or a “Pre-owned Red Ferrari 2012 model”, research your keywords and make your product pages optimised for your search engine demand.

5. Non-Unique Titles

HTML plays a significant role in search engine optimisation of your commerce store. Title tag is one of the most important tag to miss and what we have seen that most of the store owners create a whole store with a single title tag <title> running thru the complete e-commerce store.

Like the rest of your content be sure that your title tag is also unique.

6. Lack of “Speaking” urls

You must have come across some URL’s that leaves you confused, what do you need a store url like

WOW, this url does not speaks anything about the product but does speaks a lot about the developer. Try to make your store URL’s as speaking as you can, some thing like


So, what is it that is preventing growth of your e-commerce site?

YES! it is lack of unique content and a word of caution, search engines are for the users don’t make your commerce store for search engines but for the customers who buy from it.

Things you need to consider when setting up an online store.

Things you need to consider when setting up an online store.

So you plan setting up an online store? Just like your brick and mortar business you need to create a strategy when you plan to sell online. Missing on the obvious points like how are you going to build a store, what are you going to sell and how are you going to get your payments online are some points that need your attention before you get started. Here are the few things that we recommend you consider when planning to sell online.

How will you promote your store?

So how do you promote a brick and mortar business. YES you do Advertising. A store not promoted is like an ad not printed. No Traffic means No Sales, you need to put in a strategy that increases the footfall of visitors on your online store. It could be mailing campaigns, search engine optimisation, social media posts, pay per click advertising or product offers.

You can categorise your marketing effort into 2 parts :

  1. Hunting –  Pay per click ads, Marketing Mailers, Banner ads etc
  2. Farming – Social media posting, Subscription based mailers, etc

One is not a replacement of another and we recommend that you put both the strategies in action to get maximum results.

As told to us by a wise gentleman you should have minimum of 10 modes of marketing your self at any time. Learn to measure and measure to learn.

How will you collect payments online?

This is one of the most crucial part of your e-commerce store. A person wants a product and wishes to pay you online. In the current world there are 2 types of payment service providers who are available at large.

  1. Banks – like HDFC, ICICI Payseal, Axis Bank etc
  2. Payment Aggregators – like EBS, CCavenue, Zaakpay, PayU etc.

The distinctive difference between Banks and Payment Aggregators is that though Banks only allow you to pay thru Credit or Debit Cards the Aggregators on other had allow you to accept payments via Net banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Amex, Discount Cards or Mobile IVRS.

A Payment Aggregator provides your a better ROI as a partner and is more organised (reverts faster) as compared to a normal bank.

Though today buyer are not as sceptic about buying online but we still advise an SSL certificate to add an additional security cover and increase trust of your customers. You can also offer a Cash on Delivery mode for those who still are not comfortable buying online.

How will you get your products delivered to your customers?

You got an order and you got the payments now WHAT ? Hey you need to ship the products, though you can use your existing vendors to ship your products but thanks to the commerce growth in India we have some companies that are organised and can provide you with good services at competitive prices. They manage COD and you can even look out for a drop shipper model with them as the sale peaks. We recommend you to try and get quotes from companies like DTDC, Ecomexpress, Fedex or Aramex.

How will you give your customer a world class experience?

It all comes down to a single point, how will you provide a world class experience to your customer cause this is the most evident and important part of your business operations. We have seen lot of customers getting angry over the process of payments, waiting for deliveries, poor or negligible customer care departments, waiting ages for refunds or returns and even loosing monies paid to a merchant.

You have to understand and convert a happy customer to a raving fan and should not leave any stone unturned to achieve this. Its easy to achieve this if you have processes that manage these system before you start your business venture. We have seen lot of businesses only focussing on sales and thus loosing customer satisfaction and business profits. Few things you can do that can make your life easier are :

  1. Setting up a system to manage customer queries and put a SLA period on this so that your customers know what to expect.
  2. Implement Live chat support on your site so that your customers can speak to your team for problems they are facing during or after the sales.
  3. Give links to track order status to your customers.
  4. Have a system that manages refunds / returns of orders.
  5. Ask customers for feedback of your service once a delivery is done and act to improve it.
  6. Ask customer for review the product so that you know he is happy with the same.

In a nutshell selling online is about EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS thus converting your HAPPY BUYERS to RAVING FANS.

Get More Sales Out of Your Email Campaign

Get More Sales Out of Your Email Campaign

Permission based Newsletter Marketing comes out to be the best and most cost effective way to connect to your buyers. It has been a proven technique to increase customer engagements and thus impacting on your conversion rate if done correctly.

Correctly, so how do you do this correctly.  Here in we give you some suggestions to get more out of your Newsletter campaign.

  1. Choose the right newsletter marketing provider, preferably the main one’s like, benchmark email or constant contact. They give you mailing credits on a subscription basis, but have right tool to make your email get delivered in the buyers inbox and not in his spam box. To know more about , how you can avoid spam folders in Email Campaign.
  2. Send a welcome email with an introduction following benefits of buying thru you. A strong reason on why to choose you.
  3. Create a system that identifies and sends abandoned cart emails directly to the buyers. You may add a coupon code cause most of the time a user abandons a cart due to the price issue.
  4. A lot of e-commerce businesses send notifications for order creation, dispatch or delivery. You can use a marketing message there to invoke repeat buy from the same customer.

Ok, now you got an order and it is shipped, delivered and done. How do you get the buyer to respond or get engaged?

  1. Send him a form to rate your service and product, this is a good tool to know you are on the right track and most of the time, buyers give you a constructive feedback for you to accept and work on.
  2. Product info email can be sent to the buyers, which can include links to the manuals, and other important contact numbers, which can be used in case he needs support on the product, maybe for warranty or installations.
  3. A lot has happened email can be sent may be after a certain period telling the buyer about the latest product line added to your store since his last purchase.
  4. You may celebrate a product purchase anniversary by sending your buyer a reminder of his purchase.

To sum up just ask yourself a question when sending out an email that does that mail creates value for the buyer or is it a sure shot communication which will make him click the SPAM button on his mailbox.

4 Simple Steps to make 2015 the best year for your ecommerce business

4 Simple Steps to make 2015 the best year for your ecommerce business

Time have changed, you now have an access of a large variety of products at your fingertips. You can shop at the luxury of your home or even while travelling.

2015 comes out to be a promising year with an estimated user of 290 million buyers in Asia itself.

The 4 steps, which help you to establish your business online in 2015

STEP 1 : Strong Reason to buy from you
Highlight the product quality, offers and give a strong reason to choose you and not an offline product. As the saying “The first impression is the last impression” when you are doing online business you should have some more pears (quality, offer, price, availability etc) to show than an offline store. Highlight those pears and get a good result. Buyer must get some additional benefits if he chooses you. You can also encourage repeat purchases with right use of coupon codes

STEP 2 : Sell online is all about online promotion
To establish your product in beginning you require using all the means available online. Decide a budget for promotion and than go for best technique to follow first. There are multiple options like PPC, SMO, SEO, EMAIL MARKETING ETC.

Among all these options SMO is the latest in which you get connected to almost all the people you want to. On single platform multiple tools are available for promotion and to connect also. In PPC and EMAIL MARKETING you must choose a proper target group for your ad or email to be forward.

STEP 3 : Complete knowledge to the buyer
Give a precise and complete knowledge of product to end-user so that he can choose a best product for himself. Once a buyer get a satisfactory product from you than he become regular customer to your online store.

STEP 4 : Plan for Success
Make a target to execute and a review after 3 months not just to increase sale also to check that your promotional plans are executed properly or not. The landing pages, the direction of social media. The options you have chosen for promotion of your product and website must go in right direction.

2015 is a year in which you can establish yourself in the ecommerce market as a businessman with less effort, because the business flow is in the favor of online market.

By setting up an online selling store in 2015, you can establish yourself as an online retailer and take your business into the hands of your customers. An online store works like a sales agent that works tirelessly 24X7, 365 days an year to help you achieve what you want.


How Do I Get My Ecommerce Website Load Faster

How Do I Get My Ecommerce Website Load Faster

People prefer to buy things online and for the same purpose your e-commerce store should load fast on their devices. In the current world when going online is not that difficult there is still something that most of the businesses forget which is to optimize their online store so that it opens fast even with high number of views and visitors on their store.
The best way to analyze your current website speed is to check for your Google Page Speed Score –

Following are the ways we believe will be best for you to increase the speed of your ecommerce site:

Use of Caching
This is a very great technology, which doesn’t load data that is not needed. It stores the data or a page temporarily into the memory and then data or page is accessed from the memory instead of loading it from the server.
To know how to manage server output cache in IIS Click Here

Optimize Your Images
Images can decrease the load speed of your site. So it is necessary to reduce the size of your photos maintaining the quality. It is possible using online Image Optimizer.
To know about image compression tools to optimize your website images Click Here

Use a Content Delivery Network
A content delivery network reduces the load times. It is good for sites, which have more traffic. It can also make you earn extra money. You can use content delivery networks like Akamai, TATA CDN or MAXCDN.

Use a Fast Web Host
Don’t use cheap hosts if your site traffic is more than normal.

Minimize Round-Trip Times
Request required when a user accesses your website is called round trip time or RTT. This request is send by the browser to get information from the server.  This RTT should be reduced as much as possible.

Compress Your Website
Response times are reduced by compression of files. Gzip is an application used for that. You can even minify script files like css or js file.

To know how to enable GZIP compression in IIS Click Here

Switch Off All the Plugins You Don’t Need or Use
Many sites have a lot of plugins that are unused. They load different files, which decrease the speed of your site. So they must be removed or switched off to optimize the site speed.

The ways mentioned above are only some of the ways to increase the speed of ecommerce site. There are other countless ways that can increase the speed of site by 100%. Increasing the speed of ecommerce site matters a lot because it can gain you the trust and confidence of customers for your online business and that is the first thing you can do to grow your online business.

Discount Offers – Key to Increase Your Online Sales for Christmas

Discount Offers – Key to Increase Your Online Sales for Christmas

There is always the belief that spending time on the existing database of the customers, and focusing your target on keeping them happy is quite profitable rather than focusing on creating a new base for the customers. When you are targeting on the deals and offers, you are trying to get your customer back to your store and building a strong relationship with the customer.There would be a scenario where people or merchants need to decide on when and how to go ahead with the discounts.

When you are offering discounts for your online store, then it could be quite powerful means in your conversions but if they are used in an unorganized manner then surely you are going to do some damage to your brand.

What kind of offers could be implemented?

There are numerous patterns of discounts and offers which are at your disposal. Let’s peep into the details-

  • Discount based on percentage – The common pattern of offering discount is via percentage. It would be including percentages like 5% or 10% off, larger discounts for really driving the sales such as that of 20 and 25% or some larger percentages such as 50% + to liquidate the merchandise which isn’t moving or is old. For example
  • Discounts of dollar values – Offers which are based on dollars could be positioned as the credit force. In most of the cases, the redemption for the dollar based offers versus percentage based offers could be higher than 175%.
  • Free gift and shipping – When people are purchasing items they could be offered some remarkable gifts which would increase their confidence. If it is being used strategically it could increase the average order size and help you in liquidating slow money stock.

How and when to use offers, discounts, deals, coupons and deals in best possible manner?

There are numerous means which could be used for enhancing sales, discounts, coupons, deals etc for the betterment. Some of them are mentioned as-

  • Weekly/monthly offers for driving sales and meeting goals of revenue – They are known as the traditional sales which are generally used to drive the sales into the market. Most often the sales are taken to the month end or at the quarter to increase the sales and meet the revenues for the projection of deadlines and goals set.
  • Prelaunch offers – In case you are in the prelaunch stage or at the verge of starting the company then you could check out the option of prelaunch for the new product. You can utilize the option of pre-launch for increasing traffic and interest of the peak. There are many companies who are using the pre-launch option for enhancing their presence in the market before the launch.
  • Seasons/Holiday offers – It’s always believed that occasions related to festivities are remarkable and people are looking out for astonishing and sparkling offers when festivities starts like Christmas, Black Friday, Diwali and New year. Even though over all year is combined with lots of holidays but there are specific occasions when people flaunt markets and during this time they stretch revenues by offering remarkable services.
  • Abandon cart offers – It could be one of the successful tactics for bringing people back. Abandon cart emails offers can be increase high conversion rate.
  • Newsletter/ Email subscription offer – It has been well known that emailing and newsletters are one of the crucial steps for the online retailers. By providing a successful offer in exchange for visitor email addresses, helps in increasing the outcome of the conversions in return you are going to get the email addresses, which will help in marketing new products and providing opportunity to them in near future. To know more about how to avoid spam when you are sending Newsletter
  • Offers for liking, following and sharing on the social network – One of the difficult tasks is to running the online store’s successful word out. By providing customers and visitors an incentive to share the successful store within their social circles which could be effective means of creating some inexpensive word of mouth.
  • Referral offers – People are ready of purchase any stuff from an organization which has been referred by some of their close friends and family members. For enhancing the product sales you could use the option of referrals. You can choose to give the best deals to the person who have referred someone or to both of them which would enable the brand highlighting.

Before deciding on the offers, discounts, deals, coupons etc. every individual needs to check out whether they are going to be beneficial. You can most effectively decide utilizing offers for meeting your clear cut objective, increasing revenues and building customers.

I hope with this information and guidance you will be able to increase your sales in Festival Season. In case you you have any query regarding the same then write back to us at [email protected]. Even you can ask us to create your online store at Retaxis

If you are satisfied then share your comments

4 Acid Testing tips for launching your online store

4 Acid Testing tips for launching your online store

When finalizing launch of your online ecommerce store one should make sure that the following tests has been done. This ensure and prevents you with the anticipation of launching your website in a jiffy and later on facing heartburns.

Compatibility & Responsiveness

This is the first and the most key step that must have to be performed before launching an online store because it checks the compatibility of your website with all the browsers. Since, it is very important that whatever browser a user is using, your website should work properly on that. Secondly, the responsiveness is directly linked with the resolution of your website because it is very important to check this whether your website is functioning properly on desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets or not!

Some tools you can use to check your website responsiveness are:

Note: They might not be exact in the way they display your website and in some cases the real look on the real device may vary.

Content is King

The second thing is to make sure that your content is up to the mark or not! Like, if your website consists of unprofessional content which does not make any sense then obviously, your traffic will be affected and the sales of your store will also be seriously damaged. Hence, it is necessary for a website to make their content error-free.

Some other things which should be kept in mind while checking the content are:

•    Formatting of the content
•    Grammatical mistakes
•    Images sizes and their locations
•    Contact information
•    Product details like prices, information, etc.

Make sure you use a plagiarism proof content so that it even acts as a unique content and gives your website organic seo boost. Some tools you can use to check your website copies are:


You should be sure of one thing that whatever image, link or button you have on your website, it should be interactive because you are running an online store. Every such link which leads to a social media page or any button or image present on your website must be linked with the right page which should be working properly.

•    Make testing customer accounts
•    If your website is multilingual, check all the languages
•    If your is international, check all the currencies first
•    Make test transactions going through all the payment methods
•    Delete the test orders before launching

Well now when everything is fine and you have gone ahead for the launch make sure the team working on the website knows about the “Known Issues” on the website admin panel. Restrict access of admin panel to 1 or a Max of 2 users.

The best way to make sure you are safe in terms of project functionality is to sit down and brainstorm (not STORM) with your technical team so that they can cover almost all the test cases expected for purchases on the online store.

Customer experience

If you perform this step before launching your store, that means you have cleared all the risks of making any mistake in your store! There are three levels to make it happen!

Test yourself!
Whenever you make any sort of change in your online store, try using the website yourself or test those changes as a local customer and see if you get stuck at some point while using the website.

Let your friends test it!
Check out your website through your friends as well! Ask them to go through each thing in your store and see if they get any problem or issue in that.

Professional testing
It performs the same step as above but it allows many other users to check your website. These professional testing websites are available for you to see if there is a weak point in your website.

The Launch is ready!

Done with all the above tests?
If yes, you are good to go with your online store! Start earning more from your store and keep making certain changes as required in your store by keeping the above mentioned points in your mind.

One more thing setup a different development and production environment and make sure that everything that you want to get on your live online store is firstly tested on the development environment according to the test cases suggested by you or your testing team.

Now, after launching  your online store,  the next question would arise in your mind is how making your first online sale? Click here to get an answer at

Encourage Repeat Purchases with Right Use of Coupon Codes

Encourage Repeat Purchases with Right Use of Coupon Codes

I am sure you could not have missed the “Big Billion Day” or the “Week long offers” and more offers that just finished. If you are an e-commerce store owner or an aspiring e-comprenuer then you must be thinking about what all coupon codes can i use on my store and what can be or can not be included as part of the promotion that i make.

To de-mystify this i thought of penning down this blog helping ecompreneur’s like you to define your promotion strategy for the upcoming festive season just few months ahead.


Free Shipping
This is the most popular coupon code used both by merchants and buyers. There are an astounding abandonment of 44% due to lack of free shipping option on the website and at that time a coupon code for Free Shipping can be your life saviour. You can create a free shipping coupon that pop’s up on the checkout page and even customise / cap it for a minimum order amount thus helping you increase your average order amount. Remember the last time you ordered for food and the guy told you “Sir! minimum order amount for free delivery is Rs. 250/-“.

Flat Amount Off
This is a coupon code that gives a flat amount off an order total when applied on a cart Example : Rs. 500/- off on your next purchase.

Percentage Off
Well this is the percentage cousin of Flat amount coupon where instead of the flat amount you suggest a percentage amount off on the next order. This coupon works well with the average order value as a percentage off on a lower cart value will not mean much to a buyer, besides we also recommend you to cap the maximum off that a user can take in terms of percentage Example – 10% off on your next order (fine print – minimum order amount of Rs. 2500/- and maximum discount that can be availed can be of Rs. 1500/-) that means it will act like Flat amount after Rs. 15000/- of cart value.

Minimum Purchase
I have mentioned it separately as the above mentioned coupon codes can be used without a minimum cart amount too but in case you are scared of running a promotion without an upper capping you should use the Minimum Purchase value to feel safe.

Buy X, get Y
“Buy 2 get 1 free” or “Buy 4, get 10% off” must have read or heard about these promotions. These promotions are a good way for you to try coupon system on a certain category or a brand. It also assures that you are getting a certain order total before offering a discount.

Loyalty Coupons
Raving Fans or Loyal Customers you must be having lots who love your products and love to come back again and again. Well this coupon code is just a nice way to ask them to come back once again and provide you with an opportunity to serve them.

Daily Coupons
Daily coupons can be like deals which could run site-wide or a category wide or on a product providing discounts to your buyers only for the day.

Holiday-based Deal Coupons
These could be coupons that are valid for a period say a week or a month for the buyers to redeem. Another great way to make best out of your holiday store selling strategy.

Pre-Launch Coupons
There will be times when you will hear about iPhone 7 or 7S and offer a pre-launch booking offer discount over the same. Create a story and invite your buyers to be amongst the first few to purchase an item which is yet to hit the markets.

Refer and Earn Coupons
Who else can be a good advocate of your products and services than your own existing client. Give them the opportunity to refer your store to their friends thus passing on a unique code which can be redeemed by their friends. For each refer you offer them a coupon code as a store discount while for the friends offer them discounts for their first signup or first purchase.

Miss You Coupons
They bought and then forgot, customers whom you have not transacted since many days ago, they made a purchase and then never came back, you can send them a Miss you coupon and offer them an opportunity to come back to you.

First Purchase Coupon
This coupon can and is used extensively by our clients who have recently launched their store. This allows them to create coupon codes to discount first purchases made buy a buyer coming on the store. To know more about How to Make Your First Online Sale


Now since you know about the coupon codes and can create them too how do you share them with your prospective customers is a question. You can use the following techniques to get best out of this :

Social Media
Share this coupon on social media website, groups and even on your own Facebook page.

Subscription based newsletters
It is always a good idea to start a subscription based newsletter and use the coupon code as may be a banner or an offer in your newsletter.

Coupon Sharing Websites
Share these coupon codes on various coupon sharing websites like, or

Abandoned Carts
Share these with cart users who have just abandoned your carts. On an average a user comes back in a maximum of 3.35 hours to finalise an order post adding an item to his cart. In case the order is not finalised then you have missed the purchase and it is the right time to push him a coupon code. Abandoned cart conversion has 29% conversion rate as per industry study.

Your Signature
Not to forget you can use coupon banners in your signature.

Danger Ahead – Cruise with Caution

Though coupon codes look like a legitimate way of conversion but overdoing or mindless coupon creation can do more harm to your business. A small work of advise will be to check if they are not getting coupled with your other offers leading to double discounting like:

  • Do you want to offer discounts to affiliate forwarded customers as you will be bearing the burn of affiliate commission  too.
  • Does your coupon codes stay valid along with the in-store promotions you have.
  • Make sure your coupon codes have an upper order limit to restrict use above an order amount.
  • Make sure your coupon codes expire after a certain period.
  • Make sure your coupon codes are restricted for the number of tine it can be used by a buyer.
  • You can also make the coupon codes usability restricted to registered users thus increasing your registered user base.
  • Be sure that your system check and re-checks for a coupon code validity on checkout as they can be users who had applied a coupon code but did not checkout few days ago and now since they have returned the code has expired but your system accepts it as it was applied during the validity period

I hope with this knowledge and information you will be able to manage your coupon promotion strategy effectively and will have a great holiday selling experience. In case you think you have questions regarding the same do write back to us at [email protected]

You can even ask us at Retaxis to help you create your e-commerce store  Call us at 0120-4222758 to schedule a NO OBLIGATION FREE ONLINE DEMO of the e-commerce solution offered by us.

Why You Should Blog About Your E-commerce Business (Tips to get you started)

Why You Should Blog About Your E-commerce Business (Tips to get you started)

Blogging is a brilliant way to build your target audience and generate additional traffic that ends up into sales. Let us now converse, how blogs can truly help you out?
Writing blogs will surely do one good thing for your website and that is, increase the chances of engagement by customers on your website. Let us explain how. Writing a blog means writing something about your company, new products or some stories you would like to share, these appealing blogs read by the customers can convert them into sales. Say if your story clicks, there are chances that it will get picked up by a certain online media company or any new web page that will end up promoting your web site through your written piece of blog.
Now let us understand how a blog will lend you a hand in your business.

How Blogging Helps increase your “Page Rank” In Search Engines:

Blogging, even when you are not expecting a groundbreaking result, helps your website when it comes to SEO. First of all, blogging means more and more number of pages for your website. More pages evidently means more inbound links directing to your homepage. Inbound links or internal links are what matters the most to the search engines. To put it in plain words, the more the number of inbound links you have, the greater the “Page Rank” of your website. Writing about your products within the blogs with some hyperlinks to your website could convert readers into sales.

Blogs are indeed a Marketing Platform for Telling Your Stories:

One more remarkable thing about a blog is, you can share your stories about success, company inceptions stories, groundbreaking product, which will help you build an audience that will link to your posts and become repeat buyers.Take a look at the anatomy of a blog and make subjective calls to make it visually striking. There is a headline, to inform your readers to know what to look forward to. Of course you will have all the space you need to tell your stories. You can also include plenty of cool visuals. Social media connectivity is another one attractive feature. You can post videos too.
Now let us take a quick look at how you should come create blogs and what are things you must take care of while writing one.

How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas:

Blogging is indeed a perpetual process, but that does not mean you keep blogging every single day. Once a week is what that will suffice and make your topics more interesting. Ideas now that is one thing you are always filled with, you meet people, you face challenges, you win and you lose but every day is a journey and you can easily pick one idea from a day that you can write about. Tell a story and your readers will listen.


Your efforts in writing blogs will never go to vain. It will help you get more customers and helps sell more number of products.
Say if a certain blog of yours happens to make an impact on a considerable amount of people, then that blog will go on will live on for eternity with people talking about it for years. This fact right here will end up providing you so much exposure and promotion that will take your business t o new heights.

Are You Satisfied ? Share your ideas

Five reasons why ecommerce might be perfect for you

Five reasons why ecommerce might be perfect for you

Business is fervor as well as a mean to make money. Online business or e-commerce is a tremendous expansion and commerce upheaval of 21st century. It is the demand of competitive business to have an online existence. You can purchase and advertise different products online with the magic of e-commerce. Hence e-commerce is a valuable choice for the people who are going to start their own online business. Most businessmen face a lot of hurdles in the establishment of their business. No one is ready to buy his or her products. E-commerce might be perfect for them because it is an inexpensive mean of doing business. Ecommerce might be perfect for you because of these reasons:

Saves time and effort
E-commerce might be perfect for you because it can revolutionise your lifestyles completely. You don’t need to spend much time in travelling to the market. It saves time and money. It is not a single industry but it is a tool to gain more exposure and create a different sales route in minimum time. With diminutive endeavour and efforts, you can come up to thousand customers. The vendor and customer both get its benefits. It can be structured to reduce delivery time and cost thus, saving both the time and efforts.

Freedom of choice
If you are doing your personal business you are free and self-governing. E-commerce provides more opportunities to design your work in your own way. You can earn more with your own free choice.To know more about how to make your first online sale? click here

Some people have passion and fervor for business. But they can not reveal their passion in an inadequate work conditions. E-commerce gives you a chance to do what you like to do. Doing what you love to do, always produce quality work.

Secured business
You feel secure when you do everything at your own. No one can fire or dismiss you. You are eligible for work till the time you want to do work. In happy and secure conditions one can generate stupendous profits. Working for yourself gives you motivation.

Broader business
Online business might be perfect for you because it has more benefits than any other business. It is a broader and expanded business.You can start up your business immediately with less investment. You don’t need to take loans or to invest much. With little money you can start up your online business. It has tax benefits too. It’s market is all over the world. There are several services that make it easier to order from a UK store. PayPal is another convenient way to get payments easily from merchants to individual customers through whole world.

Hence, it is a perfect choice for a passionate earner to start up his online business. It is a like a daunting challenge and a clear, easy and inexpensive opportunity. It’s an opportunity to approach the world market place with lifting one finger.

Holiday Email Marketing : Capturing Spirit of Christmas

Holiday Email Marketing : Capturing Spirit of Christmas

Well we have all seen the surge in e-commerce business during the last Diwali season. Sitting today you are just about a month away from the another holiday season and i bet you have big plans to increase sales this season. You will be replenishing inventories, recharging your google adwords accounts, planning an ad campaign and many more things. We all agree that Christmas is one of the most popular festival in the world and since it is that time of the year when New Year is also around the corner the markets see a surge in product sales.

Holiday Email Marketing isn’t a secret and it is the best time to send email campaigns to your prospective buyer. WAIT! isn’t this what everyone will be doing, so how do i stand out. Thats the big question?

So what should you do? Answer to this is a list of few points i feel can make you stand out of the crowd.

  1. Add Fun to the Subject Line
    What do you think will convert more “20% discount on all merchandises this Christmas” or “Put 20% more presents under the Christmas Tree”.
  2. Use Christmas Graphics
    Customise your newsletter to capture spirit of Christmas, use graphics that shows the spirit. You can look for some free christmas graphics by clicking here.
  3. Don’t be Boring
    Don’t just sell your products in the boring way, send messages as part of your email communications, maybe viral video’s (if you can think of) or may be a digital greeting card for your buyers to make your brand memorable this Christmas.
  4. Personalised Messages
    Try to make your email copy as personalised as possible and make sure you greet the person with his name. Common things are not so common in today’s digital world.
  5. Catchy From Address
    Don’t send an email from [email protected] but think of a catchy senders id like [email protected].

Summing up, anything you do this holiday season make sure you catch the spirit of Christmas. One word of caution though do not over do it and make sure you have done your A/B testing to determine best conversions on your Holiday Newsletter.

10 Question You Should Know Before You Start an Online Store

10 Question You Should Know Before You Start an Online Store

Unless, you are living under the rock for couple of years, you must have surely heard about blooming market of e-commerce. It could have come in front of you in different formats and patterns or spheres and that too with different angles. You must have heard regarding different companies who are providing e-commerce because the commercials on TV are bombarded with numerous advertisements, going through the stories which are hyped with respect to services offered by the e-commercesites, looking into the huge valuations via web companies which are getting ample stock market-even though not making the profit.

Whenever you plan to build up the website related to the e-commerce, you should keep in mind few tips for which you should query and they are mentioned below-

  • How are you planning to market your website? – Generally, clients are more interested in getting their e-commerce store online and do not provide ample importance to how to market the same online. This situation is generally followed by poor traffic or no sales on your recently launched online store leading to unrest and disinterest. Our best advice is to go through you expectation before launching your website. A successful website does require lots of attention and a well planned marketing strategy, but unfortunately there are lot of owners who plan to ignore the essential stuff.
  • How to customize the overall presence of your online store to latest technologies? –Technologies have taken a remarkable leap and have showcased an enthusiastic environment in the recent times. Due to which it is soaring high in the market and people are getting inclined towards it. In many of the cases, if you are having an online presence then surely your company’s logo, colour schemes etc. should be reflected on the e-commerce site. In case if you don’t have presence online then surely you should go ahead with following the color patterns of your logo for your e-commerce site. There are lot of templates which can be customised by an e-commerce website development company or thru a DIY panel where you can make changes to the layout without much knowledge of HTML & CSS.
  • Pattern of payment system? –You need to ensure that it should be secure and safe with respect to customer’s confidentiality. We usually recommend signing up with a payment gateway provider which is PCI-DSS compliant and offers solution on a HTTPS secure page hosted on their website or on yours. Recently we have came across various payment gateways offering payment on page options also where in you can accept payments directly on your website without going onto the payment gateway provider website.   Your payment gateway should be equipped to support 3D-secure payment validations to safeguard your customers.We at Retaxis is currently integrated with almost each payment gateway in India and can also help you in acquiring a free payment gateway.
  • How to take care of customer service? – Customer service plays a crucial part in enhancing experience of your customers. Well a user is putting his money on stake for a product he is buying on your website, he might face issues due to delays in delivery or due to a damaged product and at this time he needs someone to listen. Some of the widely user support system helps buyers to request enquiries using live chat, email, telephone or even thru social media.
  • How to determine shipping cost? – To sort out shipping costs you should contact a logistic company whom you have chosen for delivering products. They will be providing you shipping charges according to zones and weight of shipment. In case your competitors are offering the shipping free of charge, then surely you need to look into it as to how you can absorb the shipping cost.You can look into Delhivery or Ecom express as your partners in Logistics.
  • How to handle product description and images? – It is always believed that images speak more loudly than words. Online shoppers are unable to feel, touch or smell the product, so its beneficial if you are able to describe the product in best possible manner. The product description should be short and relevant which should add the features of the product.
  • Enhancing your site via comments and feedback of the customers – Customer feedback or comments plays the crucial presence on the website due to which it reaches to numerous people across the globe. With the comments of customers other new customers are gaining momentum on the website and feel like exploring more. Even you should showcase your presence on the social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest.Since these are comments by a fellow buyer they also work wonders in increasing reputation of the product.
  • How to attract shoppers? – Once your e-commerce store is online you need to make it using various channels that you might have be it work of mouth marketing, banners, paid ads or organic search results. You should also create an identity for your e-commerce store on various social media websites and do a link back for the same on your store.Marketing for your online store is a continuous effort and we do recommend looking for a vendor to assist you in doing search engine optimisation, paid ads (PPC) or affiliate marketing options.
  • How to handle returns? – You should be prepared to handle returns of your products, these returns could be part of replacements or even refunds. You should make sure that your current e-commerce website can handle returns efficiently and update inventories in case of a refund done by the client.Along with the update on stock inventories the system would also trigger an email confirmation to your buyer as a notification of return.
  • How to track success of the store? – Like any other business you need to keep a track on the top line and bottom line to be sure you are heading in right direction. With e-commerce the biggest benefit is to be able to track and analyse actions done by various visitors on your store which is missing in a brick and mortar business. You should definitely use an analytics tool like Google Analytics to track actions of visitors coming on your website, analyse them and make changes to improve conversions.Create a Goal and then see how to achieve it, its your responsibility to help your buyers get the best buying experience on your store.

 Hoping that now you have some clear idea about setting your ecommerce store you can also check out for what leading players in the industry are doing. Learn from their short upcoming and rectify them in your ecommerce store.

You can even ask us at Retaxis to help you create your online e-commerce store. Call us for NO OBLIGATION FREE DEMO.

Email Marketing – Avoiding Spam Folders

Email Marketing – Avoiding Spam Folders

E-mail marketing is where you send mails to your existing and prospective customers mails that are meant to increase business. A worried online site retailer is rather concerned why his mails aren’t really increasing his business. What he is yet to know is that all of his mails are not even read forget closing a sale. That’s the inevitable danger of landing in your customer’s spam folder.

In easy terms spam is a folder that stores all the mails that are presumed to be faulty and where the emails can be misleading. You though being a bulk mailer having no bad intentions can still land you in spam.

So here are steps that we suggest you follow to curb chances of your email landing in spam folder

  • Update your data
    Not all of us hold on to one email id for the rest of our lives. All of us change our email ids some time or other. If you quit an organisation, your mail id is now redundant. If you mail to any of these closed accounts, you reputation as sender may fade. So make sure to capture all replies and after a deployment, unsubscribe users who no longer use that ID and keep a clean track of your users.
  • Segregate your users into active and inactive
    What many of us don’t know is that if your prospective customer does nothing on receiving your email, the ISP (Internet service providers) observes this inactivity and in a matter of days all your mails will be falling under the junk/spam folder.  So the point here to be noted is that your mail should result in either opening the mail or replying to the mail. There’s no problems with the active customers, so to get the inactive users, study their interest and send mails that are sure to push them to open the mails like advertising of an offer etc ?
  • Your subject line
    Should not contain more usage of punctuation and capitalisation. Using a $ symbol at the beginning of the subject line is a big no-no, besides this there are a lot of keywords that trigger mail servers to consider your email as spam try not to use them in your email body or in the subject. For more details read our blog – List of common spam words
  • Check your spam score
    There are many email providers who have a default spam-checker tool. This will provide your information about how prone your emails are to spam and though the score are not figure definite, it’s surely worth trusting on. To check spam score of your email message that you plan to send you can use free tools like – or
  • Domain & SMTP check
    Most of use email providers like gmail, yahoo, and Hotmail, so if an email message is blocked by one user then it is considered spam for all. You have too be sure that the mail server you are using to send emails is not listed in any Blacklist and has a good reputation. You can check the reputation of your domain name or mail server by using tools like  –
  • Clean track record
    You can tools that can help you evaluate your reputation of emails.  You must know from where the emails are being sent and use these IP addresses to eliminate blacklists. You should also check for the SPF and DKIM records for your domain as they improve authority of email and reduces spam score of your server.

An email today is the most popular mode of communication and has been abused by businesses for commercial benefits. Though it is not wrong to use email as a tool to send commercial information but we have to keep in mind that we share this information with users who intend to receive it and will be benefitted with it. A Golden Rule that prevents your emails from not landing into spam is NOT to send spam emails.

How to keep selling even when you are Out of stock?

How to keep selling even when you are Out of stock?

There always comes a time where the supplier fails to supply you products that your shoppers like. Putting words like “out-of-stock” can cost you your profits. At the same time you can’t make false claims to your customers and not deliver the product. If your supplier senses you’re desperate, he will undoubtedly increase the price for getting the product. But your ultimate goal remains to keep the customer unaware of the stock shortage and as well retain the customer.

So how do you do this?

  • Accept you’re out of stock– If your user comes looking for a particular product, there is no harm in telling that the product they desire is out of stock. Also here you can add in a link “inform me when the stock is back” notification.  These in stock requests help the customers know that you can get the product for them. Store the user’s email id and let them know that you’re sorry for the inconvenience and assure them that the stock will be back soon.
  • Limited stock– If you’re sure that the supplier is delaying the delivery of the product to you, make sure that your product page shows “Limited Stock” and increase the days of delivery for that product. This way the user wouldn’t be aware of your actually being out of stock and as they say Ignorance is bliss. The customer can be warned about the late delivery but getting the product delivered by that time is important to keep your reputation.
  • Show something similar– If the customer is looking for a certain type of soap bar made out of orange extracts, which is not in stock, show the customer another soap bar with similar ingredients. This way you can expand your customer’s view on other products and give them something similar without losing them.

Though we recommend these solutions for products that can be replenished but in case you are selling designer items, handmade products or one-of-a-kind item, which you believe cannot be replenished then you need to decide whether you still want to show the product listing on your e-commerce website or not.

So next time when you go out of stock on a particular item don’t sweat cause you can still keep selling and retain your customers.

How to Make Your First Online Sale

How to Make Your First Online Sale

It’s always been one of the pride full moment when ever an individual makes their first successful sale.

Even though every individual is bit nervous about their first sale, still they are quite excited to grab this opportunity without any problems or issues coming in their front or way. There are different low cost business promotion strategies which are making the market rock.

  • Sampling
    The internet is filled with lots of influential journalists, bloggers, vloggers and entrepreneurs who are from the wider ranges of niches and the industries. There are lot many people who are following them on the social networking sites along with their own websites. It’s really best to send few free samples of your products to people whom you need to get them influenced which are within your industry. Some other means which helps in providing you with the opportunity to let individuals known that you are appreciating their work with small gift.
  • Blogging
    In case you are not running your blog related to your product then it is for sure that you are missing some of the greatest opportunities. When you are producing some free and valuable content through which you would be creating trust with respect to your brand. Content also helps in giving you bandwidth for sharing the social media and helps in ranking on the search engine. A simple and straight forward means is to get started with the content marketing with respect to your business. You could start with the queries which an individual is having when they need to start with your industry and products.
  • Mailing List
    When you are planning to market yourself via online, then the foremost task is to check out the list of targeted audiences. In fact there have been lots of reports with respect to online marketing which reveals that around 60% of the marketers have produced the remarkable ROI with respect to their company. When it was enquired that what the overall estimate for the email marketing program was for different companies, it was revealed that around 119% which is one of the figures which could not be ignored. When you are having the list of the potential and previous customers then for sure you are going to mail details of your product into their personal mailbox.
  • Ad words
    It is Google’s one of the popular pay-per-click advertising network which allows in online retailing to place different advertisements on nearly every search results of the Google page, Partner website and YouTube Video. Every individual or the company plans to get their companies ranking on the top of the website. The beauty of it lies in the massive search and speed of marketing products. But before moving ahead with the advertisements do search with respect to your details.
  • Affiliates
    When you need to sell your product, then it would become difficult for you to handle it all alone. The best means would be to share the loads in some other ways or means. It is the means when you are seeking help from other people to market your products and then sending you the link to the traffic of the websites. The success with respect to affiliate marketing depends on the kind of products which you are selling and the percentage of commission you would be rewarding to the partner of affiliate.
  • Network on Forums
    Another best source for reaching out to the audiences is via discussion forums where you are going to answer the queries put forth by the users or the customers. With the help of the Google you could check out the forums which are directly related to your niche market. You should check out the details with respect to the forums and work accordingly.
  • Offer a giveaway
    Every individual is happy when they are offered some kinds of free gifts.  For building the trust you should keep contest and give away different rewards which would be boosting your sales across the market. There are different means through which you could conduct different games or events which could help in increasing your presence.
  • Beat competition on comparisons selling engines
    Customers love to go ahead with the purchases, but before that they prefer to compare the products with their feature and the costs. So they search for the engines which could help in comparing the products. Some of the popular engines which could be used for checking are like Google shopping, Nextag and The Find.
  • Design your store to look apart
    Its impression and arrangement of the stores which attract the audience towards different companies or industries. So when there is discussion of selling the products online then the first thing through which users come across is the website.  The design of your website really matters and how the navigation are taking place via your different categories of the products. For seeking the best deals you need to check out for some innovative ideas which could be different from other brands.

The above mentioned means are one of the best tools which could help in kick starting your sales online. If you are taking the right approach then you would need only some handful of strategies for putting the things on the right direction.

Converting Window Shoppers into Buyers

Converting Window Shoppers into Buyers

Selling a product through your online store is no small feat and you know I’m right if you run one. The prospective buyers can only see the product and have to imagine how the product actually feels i.e. your expectations. When the product is delivered, sometimes your expectations are met and other times your buyer is cursing you. Many researches have shown that many people fear the latter situation, so they just window shop but don’t buy anything. So how do you turn each window shopper into a buyer? Panic not; there is always a way.

  • Bathe your products in limelight – Before buying everyone naturally wants to know what the product is made of, the color, the size, shape, beneficial features and even texture. So focus on giving details on why they should buy this product rather than what this product is for. Though both of these purposes seem almost similar they are not. The former purpose helps in materializing the sale than the latter one.
  • Reinvent your about page – Most of the buyers are inquisitive about who runs the store and how it all started. So look at your About page, evaluate it. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think if your story is really capturing. If not, then rewrite from scratch. Write about yourself and the venture you’re heading. Your goals and interests help the ultimate users know what you exactly are.
  • Play some videos – In the recent times; before we buy a product, we want to make sure someone has used it so that you could use his or her reviews on the product. So what’s better, request for videos from your existing customers and record everything they’ve to say about your product and service. This will help your prospective buyers in selecting what they really want. That way, they are sure what to buy and will buy more when they’re satisfied with your products.
  • Welcome sales returns – When we buy a product, the perceptions connected to it change after we have the product. Some may like it and some may not. For those who do not like it, an easy “return before ___ days” policy is a boon. This policy helps you in retaining the customers; it lets the customers know that their welfare is your priority.
  • Building Brand value – Encourage customers to write reviews be it good or bad. And do not filter the reviews but keep them in the chronological order.  Reply to every review of the customer and share your testimonials online. If your brand has been mentioned in any journal, magazine or newspaper, make sure you publish the same online. This increases your reputation even faster.

Running your e-commerce store you are constantly looking at improving sales and to achieve the same do various activities to promote, acquire or discount but if the traffic that comes on your ecommerce store can not trust your brand or is not driven by the desire to buy your products then all the efforts put in are in vain.

Which is more important customer satisfaction or monetary satisfaction

Which is more important customer satisfaction or monetary satisfaction

How many of us cherish online shopping experiences? Not all of us have good memories of placing an order for something online. It’s not always online; even personal buying experiences are not always good experiences. Gone are days when the proprietors were worried only and only about the profit their income and loss statements showed. They’ve finally realized that going behind numbers can help you survive in business but aiming for customer satisfaction can help your business grow.

So now that the money myth is solved, let’s jot down top reasons why sellers were so unaware of this whole “customer satisfaction thing”

  • Imagination crisis– When our imagination expands, we can fit in things that never existed. Imagination helps you create services or products which you always thought was a figment of your brain. The first car was created only when Henry Ford imagined a vehicle that took you round the block with four wheels and an engine. So when imagination suffers, the products remain just there and suddenly you see your customers switch brands because your competitor came up with something that you never imagined.
  • Lost focus– You may have visualized something but the outcome of all that work is something else. This is when the product you want to build and the service connected to it dwindle because your expectations are not met. When this happens, you can imagine the customer. His expectations are also not met hence he will not deal with you anymore.
  • Customer’s mind set– When a customer is buying a product or a service from your ecommerce store, he expects something in return for his money. To get business you will list out the salient features of your product and close the deal. Oops! But when your customer finds a certain hitch in using the product, he’s sure to have complaints which of course will lead him to blacklist you.

Making customers happy and keeping them satisfied is not rocket science. But at the same time, it involves some conceptual clarity and effort to know your customers. Till today, this technique of selling has not failed. Word-of-mouth publicity or simply called WOM publicity is where a customer who has used your product provides a positive/negative feedback to other people. When you’re product is good enough, you don’t need to spend a penny on advertisement.

So if you want to bag good sales and reputation in the market then only WOM can come to your rescue. Today, we have more sellers of a product than we had yesterday. So how do we cut the competition?

  • Study who your customers are and survey their preferences and tastes.
  • Define your company’s vision in terms of selling and create a value system.
  • Don’t stop innovating and tell why they need to choose your company from the rest of others.
  • Keep your customers first and invest in the relationship by selling them what they require and give an after sales call to know how they like your service.
  • Make sure you get a feedback from your customer on the services and products purchased.

Like I said getting your customer satisfied is no Rocket Science and in todays world what matters more is to have more retained customer cause they get you a steady flow of new customers. Though it is difficult but the first question you need to answer to a customer is “WHY”. Make sure you have that defined, communicated to your team and don’t forget to communicate the same to your customers.

Why do you need live chat support for your e-commerce store?

Why do you need live chat support for your e-commerce store?

In a competitive markets if there is a way that can help you connecting directly to your client with a live person then that has a great standout effect. As commerce have matured the buyers expect world class services out of online sellers. Having this kind of a feature on your website comes out to be a unique selling point that compels your customers to choose you against your competitors. We buy from businesses we TRUST and an online transaction system backed with live chat support increases your trust factor.

Why do you need a live chat support for your e-commerce store ?

Think what do you do when you are at a online portal and a question pop’s up in your brain that needs an answer. Yes you go to their contact us page, look for their contact details and dial them. Now this was just one part of it but once you have called you are welcomed by a machine run IVRS system which asks you to hold (sometimes for infinite or indefinite period) you call and if it is one of your lucky day you get to speak with the customer support executive asking him the question you had. Now ask your self would you like your customers to go thru this nerve wrecking process when they are standing in front of you with their wallets open and the only thing that stops them from buying from you is an answer to few questions they have.

Well at this point a live chat support come out as a “convenience” to your buyers at a very little expenditure as compared to telephonic support. It makes your business stand out from competition and achieve a stronger connection with your brand.

Does Retaxis stores support live chat support ?

Yes ! we are delighted to announce that Retaxis empowered e-commerce stores now integrates seamlessly with Zopim and Olark two of the major live chat support solutions provider.

All you need to do is to sign-up for your accounts on their websites and fill in their client codes on your Retaxis e-commerce store setup area. Once done your online store is empowered with live chat support.

For more details on integrating live chat software on your Retaxis e-commerce store, visit our Knowledge base section.