reduce cart abandonment

Are you worried that your buyers are leaving items in the cart?

This is a problem faced by almost every online seller. Buyers come to the website, they add items to cart, and then leave them without checking out and you wonder why?

When it comes to online checkout the most important thing that a buyer sees on your eCommerce store is can he Trust that his data will be Secure. Once a buyer has added items to his cart, security plays a big role in ensuring his checkout.

How can you ensure they Trust you?

There are various ways of doing this but the best you should follow are as below.

Number 1...

Install the “green bar” SSL

There are different types of SSL that you can buy

  • Domain Validated – this is the cheapest and quickest way to buy an SSL certificate and is good only for blogs and news sites.
  • Organisation Validated – they will identify the organization’s information but are still very basic.

Both the SSL are good to be used on your eCommerce website but they do not catch the eye of your visitor.

Then there are “Extended Validation” SSL Certificates, we recommend these cause they show a green SSL bar in your browser address bar.

Number 2...

Show off trust seals

Trust seals on pages like shopping carts and checkout make a shopper feel more safe shopping with you. You can have seals for SSL Certificates, Verified Payment icons, Antivirus Seals, or Partner logos

Number 3...

Place security icons next to checkout buttons

Just keeping these seals is not enough you have to ensure that you place them at locations where they get the optimum visibility. Close proximity to a checkout button is advised. Design your workflow in a way that a user can easily check out from your Shopping Cart Page.

Number 4...

Enforce delivery date & return policies

Shoppers like to know that you will be there if something goes wrong. Showcase your return policies and expected delivery date on the checkout page so that users are well informed.

If the know they can trust you…

The shoppers will surely transact if they are sure they can trust you. Use analytics to track the performance of changes done to ensure you are getting desired results.

Let us help you Reduce Cart Abandonment

If you have an ecommerce store where you are facing issues with cart abandonment we can help you analyse the reason behind the same. 

Write to us on - info@retaxis.com

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