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The rise of B2C marketplaces has created a change in the behavior of a B2B customer. They now want to choose the products of their need and get competitive pricing.

They use Marketplace Platform created by Retaxis

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Why do you need to start a B2B Marketplace Platform?

A business selling to another company is the most crucial part of an economy. Most of the businesses survive and thrive on this model, offering products and services to other companies. A B2B model of e-commerce is much more complicated than a B2C model with a need to manage taxation, order quantity restrictions, credit allotments, and many more. Since the volume of transactions is high, you need a system to automate the consolidation of orders and other processes required to run a successful B2B Business.

Why Retaxis?


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An Online Printing Marketplace created to manage B2B Printing Business.

URPrinters solves a fundamental problem of a business which is printing and procurement of merchandise. The items range from custom printing jobs like letterhead, visiting cards to merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts that can be personalized by the buyers directly from the platform.

Benefits of starting a B2B Ecommerce Marketplace with Retaxis

We at Retaxis curate and innovate the best ways to find a solution for your business need. Our B2B Software focuses on setting up SOP's and Processes to manage your Marketplace.

With almost two decades of experience, we bring out the best-in-class features to empower your B2B business selling idea.

Fully Customisable 

Retaxis offers you a custom-tailored theme design as per your business requirement.

Responsive Designs

Your website is fully responsive and fits perfectly in any browser or any device.

Fully Scalable Solution

Your Marketplace grows with your business. Adding new functionalities is easy.

Unlimited Sellers

Onboard a huge number of sellers and behold their massive product catalogs on your platform.

SEO Friendly

Search Engines recognize your website quickly and help in bringing more relevant traffic.

Reporting & Analytics

Studying the past performance and planning the future actions is easy with the reports & summary.

Seller Onboarding

Easy seller registration, approvals & onboarding process

Manage Departments

Manage teams & departments for smooth b2b operations

GST Ready

Manage B2B sales with taxes automated in the system

Procurement Model

Procure items before you sell them on your marketplace

Coupon & Promotions

What all you can do to promote your B2B marketplace

Buyer Onboarding

To be able to buy, you need to be an approved buyer on the Marketplace.

Order Quantity Capping

Order quantity capping for min & max against a product

Credit Allocation

Manage orders & split them according to multiple vendors that you have in the system

Accounts & Ledgers

Reconcile account & tax ledgers created automatically for sellers & buyers

Asia's B2B Building Material Marketplace

BaterialBank is the first building material B2B selling platform established in China. It is a cross-border e-commerce platform providing building material import and export thru eCommerce trading, logistics, insurance, and foreign exchange settlements.

A B2B Platform that caters to the new demand of building material's international trade in the new era.

How does a B2B marketplace works?

Though there are similarities between a B2C and B2B Marketplace, they are still very unique in the way they operate. A B2B Marketplace offers additional functionalities to manage the ordering process.

Process Steps

Please follow the next steps to complete the process

01 - Seller Enrolment

The 1st step for a marketplace is to attract sellers who wish to sell their product online.

To start the online selling journey, the seller needs to register himself on the portal followed by uploading of his KYC documents.

Upon validation & approval from the admin, a seller can access the main dashboard and can start with the product uploading process to sell them online.

02 - Product Upload

After getting enrolled, a seller can log in to his account and start uploading the product images at once or one by one on his dashboard. A seller can make the changes or modifications on the images of the product uploaded, using the xls editing tool even in bulk. The final picture will be sent to the admin for approval. If it gets approved, the image will be displayed online else you have to wait by that time it won’t be displayed online.

03 - Catalog Approval

The next step is all the required pictures are edited, uploaded, and sent to admin by a seller for final approval.
The same will be shown on the admin’s panel for approval or rejection. If a product gets approval, it will be live and publish on the same site where buyers are searching for the same item. Now, in case if a seller wants to make some change again or add some details to it, he can do it while previewing it.

04 - OnSite Purchase

The storefront of the platform allows the buyer to search for his required products while the backend allows the admin & seller to process the orders.
The buyer thru the frontend will be able to place COD orders, apply coupon codes, register their account or guest checkout with their order, pay the order amount via 3rd party payment gateways and much more. It also has the facility to split an order placed by the buyer and notify the same to its respective sellers.

05 - Seller Fulfilment

As an order is created by the buyer, an intimation of the same is shared with the seller, admin & the buyer.

The seller thru his panel can mark the pending order to confirm and then Ready to Ship once it is packed and ready for shipment. Post the product is dispatched, it is automatically marked as shipped and then delivered as it reaches the end-consumer.
The system auto-generates the packaging slip and invoice.

06 - Product Delivery

The system handles order tracking using the AWBN number provided by the logistics partner and sends multi-stage notifications to sellers, buyers, and admin. A seller needs to adheres to a delivery SLA set by the admin so that the buyer gets its products on time. System activates the product return policy's valid post-delivery.

Upon delivery, a buyer also gets notifications to rate a product & seller.

07 - Manage Returns

The system makes it easy for the buyers to return their ordered products in case they don’t like it. When a buyer wishes to return the product, the resultant will be either replacement or a return that leads to the monetary refund, the store credit, or the replacement of that item. In any of the cases of returns, the system in the process enables the reverse pickups and automatically manages the seller’s statement of account.

08 - Seller Payouts

The system automatically manages the seller pay-out and the same is clearly visible to the seller while uploading the products and in their backend panel also.

With the transparent account statements, the marketplace deducts it’s commission from the order amount which is paid by the buyer and the remaining amount is paid back to the seller as his pay-out or earning.

09 - Seller Panel

The vendors can access their dedicated panel to do a bunch of tasks ranging from managing their profiles to uploading new product and from Managing their existing listings to processing of new orders.

Thru the backend panel, the vendors can view and manage their order, act upon order returns and most importantly see and manage their pay-outs and statements.

A B2B procurement Platform to sell mobiles and computer accessories

Dealsdray is an online B2B marketplace platform created to sell mobile phones, laptops, and other accessories to retailers.

Experience Live Demo

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Buyer Panel

A demo of how the Buyer can place and see orders in his panel. 

Seller Panel

How seller enrolls, manage his catalogue and fulfil orders.   

Admin Panel

You as an admin gets full view of where your business is headed.

Niche-specific B2B Marketplaces created using Retaxis.







Agro commodities

Machine Tools

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How much does it costs
to make an Ecommerce Marketplace Platform?





Focus on selling and leave your technology for us to manage

  • Pre-designed Templates
  • 100% Source Code Ownership
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Sellers
  •  Discount Coupon Codes
  • Host on any server of your choice
  • CDN & Cloud Ready





Run your marketplace on an auto mode with minimal effort

  • All in MM-PROP plus
  • Product combos
  • Category Based Coupon Codes
  • Brand Based Coupon Codes
  • Return & Replacement Automation
  • Marketing Automation va Mailchimp
  • Loyalty Points System

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MP allows multiple vendors for same product?

No, there is no limit on the number of products which can be uploaded on the marketplace. The number is products is dependent on the hosting space. To be able to upload huge number of products, you need increase your hosting space.

How does the marketplace earns for each sale?

No, there is no limitation on the number of sellers who could create their account on the platform. There can be any number of sellers who could register their accounts on the marketplace platform.

what are the different revenue models for a Marketplace?

Yes, we can integrate any logistic partner on the platform as per your preference. The solution comes pre-integrated with 1 logistic partner. Any additional logistic partner integration will be charged extra.

Can I use any Payment gateway on the platform as per my choice?

Yes, we can integrate any payment processing partner on the platform as per your preference. The solution comes pre-integrated with 1 payment processing partner. Any additional payment gateway integration will be charged extra.

Does the platform allow the admin to create accounts for his in-house team of staff members for managing the operations?

Yes, the system allows the admin to create sub-admin users thru his backend panel.
While creating sub-admin user’s, the admin can even define their restricted access so that the sub-users have limited access to the sensitive user information.

Will the solution come pre-integrated with SSL Certificates?

Yes, the solution comes pre-integrated with Free SSL Certificates which are procured from If the client requires any specific SSL Certificates to be integrated on the platform, the same is doable.

Will I get the source-code ownership of the project?

Yes, you get the complete source-code ownership of the project once the solution is pushed on live-servers.

Do we have multiple language options on the website?

By default, the solution is designed to operate in English Language. If required, we can use Google Translate or we can create an in-house translation module so that you can use multiple languages on the same platform.

What is the free-support period offered with the project?

The solution is backed up with a free support tenure for 3 months starting from the website’s go-live date.
After the free support is over, you can start with a quarterly or yearly technical support engagement.

What is the technology used to develop the eCommerce Solution?

The solution is custom built on ASP.Net which is a Microsoft technology. Click here to preview the technology stack.

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