Joyline-global - a closed fashion store for buying houses & exporters.


Joyline-global a fashion Store for Buying Houses & Exporters

Joyline-Global is a fashion products sourcing company based out of London-UK, having its branch offices in India & Bangladesh. They are a team of professionals who know the fashion industry’s complete in & outs from designing, production, sourcing, merchandising, and distributing fashion products specially crafted for ladies and kids.

The Challenges we had?

The client required a single brand eCommerce website to upload their products, designs, and creations to create their eCatalogue for their prospecting buyers.

The solution was to be created with restricted access only to registered & verified buyers so that the designs uploaded are not leaked or copied by the competitors. After the admin approves the buyer’s registration, then only he can access the storefront.

Another challenging requirement of the client was that they wanted to create a light-box for the registered buyer wherein the admin can make a light-box for the buyer and share only some of his products links with that buyer. The light-box had an automatic expiry mechanism using which the light-box will be deactivated after the expiry time.

The Resolution

Considering the custom developments as required by the client, we designed a single brand eCommerce for them with restricted access of the store-front only to registered, verified, and approved buyers.

We made the buyer registration a closed process in which the registration form was shared with the admin for his verification & approvals.

Admins had the option to set up a lightbox and add some expiration dates to product links after the user's registration was approved. An intimation for the lightbox was sent to the user's registered email account. Using that link, the buyer can view the products shared with him and can query for any product.

No buying process was included in the solution.

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