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Dawakosh.com- Store for alternative medicines based on health concern, manufacturer, brand, or a therapy.

Dawakosh.com is an online portal backed by medical professionals having experience of more than 105 years in the same industry domain and the main objective of the portal is to enable easier access to ‘Alternative Medicines’.

The aim of the portal was to create an extensive directory of alternative medicines along with the remedies and an exclusive consultation to the buyers for their well-being.

The challenges we had?

Dawakosh.com is an online portal that aims to display Alternative Medicines, Remedies and offer Online Consultation to patients for their reported health issues. The website was designed to act as an extensive directory of all the ‘Alternative Medicines’ available in the market. The medicines were to be classified based on Ailments, Category, the brand name, or type of medicine to make the navigation very easy. All products and treatments related to disease were given in one place to enable the buyer to make a quick & effective decision.

Listing of products, easy navigation, and buying concepts is still an ongoing job. The web portal required a ‘Consult our Experts’ Section wherein the buyer can seek live consultation from an expert by paying a fee.


The Resolution

Once we brainstormed the project requirement, the designers created a theme design that was clean enough to display the medicines and the required information while it was easy to navigate.

The ‘Remedies’ section of the website was designed keeping in mind the blog section wherein the admin can post remedies and images, and the registered buyers can save those remedies in their account for future references. 

The main challenge was to create the ‘Consult our Experts’ section. The client wanted an area where the buyer has to choose a category to initiate the consultation. Then, he can fill in his details and pay the consultation fee to get started. The admin has an option to enroll consultants and define their expertise. An expert will be assigned via the admin to the booked consultations, and a meeting will be scheduled.

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