A B2B Marketplace that deals in all type of building material located in Hong Kong- China


Baterialbank.com is China's 1st B2B Marketplace that deals in all type of Building Materials.

Baterialbank.com is a B2B Cross-border eCommerce marketplace that deals in building materials and is based in Hong Kong, China. The platform is designed to provide a complete and efficient solution for building material import and export trade to structurize the traditional building material industry.

The Challanges we had?

Baterialbank is a B2B Marketplace that focuses on the importers & exporters dealing in building materials. The main challenge of the solution was to create a marketplace with B2B functionalities which would allow the platform to segregate buyers based on organic buyers or buyers invited by sellers. 

Based on the buyer segregation, the functionalities on the marketplace were different, i.e., the organic buyer could see the MRP & Selling price of the product and can independently create orders. In contrast, the buyer who a seller invites will be associated with a seller’s agent to assist in the ordering process. This buyer will see tier-specific pricing for the listed products.

Moreover, the marketplace required the basic B2B functionalities like MOQ and partial payment options. Since this is a B2B marketplace, there was a concept of additional delivery & palette charges against the order.

The Resolution

The scoped solution was an actual mirror of all the functionalities prevalent in the existing construction material import/export industry. While we started the project development, we had to understand the essential workflows of the import/export orders in the building material industry. As per the inputs provided by the client, we started the project development by setting up our standard B2B marketplace solution with basic functionalities like MOQ & Partial payment options.

Parallelly we started working on the add-on developments for the buyer classification & the agent registration process. Following this, we created the rules for agent association & tier-based pricing for the buyers.

The buying process was another challenge that we encountered as in the buying process; all the ad-hoc modules were placed in a step-by-step process with all the calculations.


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