why start a marketplace

We already have Amazon, Flipkart, or Jet than why should we start a new online marketplace.

The answer to this is simple and it is something you will need to ponder upon.

Why you should start a marketplace?

It is because everyone else you know is doing one and you also want to do it. If this is the thought that comes to your mind, I will pass and you dare not think about starting one for yourself cause you will be bad at it.

but if you think that

You can create value to a niche set of products, you can disrupt the market, you can make it easier for buyers to buy and sellers to sell Phew now you are taking and making sense. I can make out you are full of energy.


Many people come and ask us why they should start a marketplace while there are already many with deep pocket the answer is simple

  • Do you think they have solved all the problems in the buying and selling process of an online user?
  • Do you think there is nothing to innovate or disrupt in the online business space?

and the answer is always a NO!

A marketplace is a platform for buyers and sellers to collaborate, sell more effectively, and increase revenues leading to better profitability. It saves a seller from the agony of unsold inventory and lower sales volumes. It increases the reach and profitability of the business while providing a better collection to choose from to a buyer.

They are surely NEEDED and the NEED will grow for sure.


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