Why Retaxis is a Good Choice for your Startup

Why Retaxis is a Good Choice for your Startup

We built Retaxis to scale as your business does.
The first version of the same was launched in 2010 when we created the first b2c marketplace for a client of our’s. We were swamped with options to start an ecommerce website at that time but when it came to setting up a marketplace there wasn’t any.

The problem our customers faced was because of a changing business ecosystem and emergence of Marketplaces which help buyers, sellers and vendors to collaborate for any business transactions they can do online. They could be selling fashion or book or holidays for that matter. Retaxis has the capabilities to help you define the product types you want to sell and define standard operating procedures for smooth operations of business.

Benefits for a Single Store Owner

A single store owner is someone who has his own brand to sell and usually owns what he sells online.

  1. A platform that can take care of high traffic.
  2. Easy to use, you do not need to learn or understand coding to operate.
  3. Quick tools to setup and manage product catalog.
  4. SEO Friendly with integrations for Google Analytics.
  5. Tools to optimise conversions.
  6. Pre-Integrated with Payment Gateways.
  7. Shipping Automations with seamless logistics integrations.
  8. Standard Operating Procedures for Returns inbuilt.
  9. Source Code ownership
  10. Competitive Pricing
  11. Amazing Customer Support

Check out our list of features for an ecommerce store 

Benefits for a Marketplace / Multi Vendor Business

A multivendor ecommerce marketplace owner who is creating a collaborative platform for businesses to sell their product online.

  1. Retaxis offers you solutions that enables transactions for B2B, B2c and Services Marketplaces.
  2. Automation of Standard Operating Procedures for Seller Enrolment & Operations.
  3. A dedicated seller panel not a pseudo seller panel.
  4. Cloud ready with strengths to manage high traffic.
  5. Automatic image optimisation.
  6. Seamless Logistics Integration for Seller Shipments.
  7. Self Ship option for sellers.
  8. SEO Ready.
  9. Adaptive Payments option Available.
  10. API Driven to support data exchanges with third party softwares if needed.
  11. Mobile apps for Buyers & Sellers both on iOS & Android platforms.

A multivendor ecommerce marketplace owner who is creating a collaborative platform for businesses to sell their product online.

Why you should not use Opensource for your Ecommerce Store

Why you should not use Opensource for your Ecommerce Store

Hey, you must be thinking that i am Crazy or High.

Any one you speak with for starting an ecommerce store says that use an open source software like Magento, Opencart etc then what is it that i am going to tell you which others don’t know.

To start with i will say any open source is a fantastic piece of software and that is all, it end there.
The reason i say so is that for any open source solution there is no parent body that is supporting it so what you are left with is a set of freelancers who make their living out of calling them certified developers on the same.

Now think of it as a car you bought from a company who says i wont service it and you can go to someone who might not know whats under the hood but is certified to help you.

I don’t know why people don’t find it weird.

Open source solutions make perfect sense in case you are looking for a starter ecommerce store for a single business with no complexity involved but when you are building a Startup which is going to Change the world or you are platform which has Super Human capabilities or you are starting an online store for your buyers and looking for a dependable team then Retaxis is a solution worth giving a TRY!

I hope you don’t go to a VC asking for a million dollar funding for your start up built on an open source.

Where is the Competitive Advantage?
How are you innovative or disruptive?

Technology today makes the heart of any business for smoother operations and transparency of data. Choose your technology and technology partner as you have to go long run with the same. Today with so many options available it is not about just starting an online store it is more about finding a team who has the experience in helping you creating an online store where how ever complex the solution be it can be done, because the team know and owns what they built.

Technology Under the Hood

Technology Under the Hood

Retaxis is built on .net with MSSql as backend and WCF API’s as the middle layer. 

Retaxis is built to support large traffic of Data and can support up to 2 million page views each day on a single server. Retaxis is built in a way that it can be decoupled and hosted on 5 different servers at one time thus allowing you to cater to a high traffic and still get a page load time of under 5 seconds.

Things that makes us stand out better than our competition are :

  1. Retaxis is Cloud Ready – you can choose vertical or horizontal scaling clouds.
  2. Retaxis had advanced Cache controls – this helps us to achieve a page load time of less than 5 seconds and can be controlled from admin.
  3. Retaxis is CDN Ready – you can implement a cdn (content delivery network) right from the first day to get better speed.
  4. Retaxis is SSL Ready – a requirement which will soon become mandatory for SEO of your website.
  5. Retaxis is SEO Friendly – all the pages have a unique seo friendly url with options by which you can manage titles, meta or descriptions from your panel. In case you do not then it will automatically create the same.
  6. Retaxis is Built to Scale – unlike other softwares you can decouple Retaxis to host it on one server or 5 different servers at one time.

You want PROOF
Check out GTMetrix Rating for one of the websites created by us.
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