Why you should not use Opensource for your Ecommerce Store

Hey, you must be thinking that i am Crazy or High.

Anyone you speak with for starting an eCommerce store says that use open-source software like Magento, Opencart, etc then what is it that I am going to tell you which others don’t know.

To start with I will say any open source is a fantastic piece of software and that is all, it ends there.
The reason I say so is that for any open source solution there is no parent body that is supporting it so what you are left with is a set of freelancers who make their living out of calling them certified developers on the same.

Now think of it as a car you bought from a company who says i wont service it and you can go to someone who might not know whats under the hood but is certified to help you.

I don’t know why people don’t find it weird.

Open source solutions make perfect sense in case you are looking for a starter eCommerce store for a single business with no complexity involved but when you are building a Startup which is going to change the world or you are a platform which has Super Human capabilities or you are starting an online store for your buyers and looking for a dependable team then Retaxis is a solution worth giving a TRY!

I hope you don’t go to a VC asking for million-dollar funding for your start-up built on an open-source.

Where is the Competitive Advantage?
How are you innovative or disruptive?

Technology today makes the heart of any business for smoother operations and transparency of data. Choose your technology and technology partner as you have to go long run with the same. Today with so many options available it is not about just starting an online store it is more about finding a team that has the experience in helping you create an online store where however complex the solution be it can be done because the team knows and owns what they built.


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