Creating an ecommerce solution is not a tough task but maintaining the portal is the crust of surviving in the e-World. You should be aware about certain things before venturing into the ecommerce business. Here are 10 sure shot things which you need to know about your ecommerce solution to make some handsome profits thru your venture.

  1. UI and Design Layout

The User Interface, the template, platform and the design layout must be incredible, catchy and well coded. A boring or shabby looking design is often overlooked by the visitors and the window is closed within the first 5 seconds. Here is the key, you need to focus on the designing part as “First impression is the last impression”.

  1. Is it responsive?

Another thing which is to be worried about is regarding the responsive nature of your website. Most of the ecommerce solutions providers deal with responsive websites but you should cross check whether your website is cross-platform (tablets, mobiles, laptop) and cross-browser (Mozilla, IE, Safari, Chrome etc.) compatible.

  1. SEO and User friendly

A good-catchy website is of no use, if it’s not SEO optimized and search engine friendly. The URLs and the supporting links must be SEO friendly which will result in at least first page SERP on every search engines. The interface should not be over cumbersome or difficult to steer. The complete thing (both admin and user end) should be easily operative and managed.

  1. Support at admin Dashboard

A perfect ecommerce solution will extend good support at admin level as well. The admin dashboard should equip the admin to create unlimited categories, make the tax calculation easy (such as GST in India), commission calculations and other managing activities which comprise the overall aspect of the administrator.

  1. Ease of Navigation

The ecommerce solution should not be stuffed with links and irrelevant data / advertisements. The user should not get confused while navigating from one page to another. The links should be proper and vivid. The more UX your website offers more is the foot fall.

  1. Extraordinary Features

Let me make it very clear, that you cannot compete with major Giants such as Amazon, Ebay etc. But you can offer your services contemplating them. Your ecommerce solutions should be equipped with extraordinary and incredible features which will add the desired bells and whistles to your website.

  1. Analytics

A good ecommerce solution should be equipped with proper analytics abilities by using extensions/plugins or Google Analytics. These Analytics will help the tap the demographic locations of the visitors, the likes/ dislikes, average time spent over the website etc. This will give the admin an idea regarding the marketing strategies and other sale campaigns which he has planned to launch.

  1. Support to social media

Yes!! No one survives without that as the opinions do matter. Gone are the days when a Search Engine ranking was sufficient. Now days, if you want to increase your visitor count and conversion ratio, your website needs to be linked with social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Maximum traffic is generated via these websites.

  1. Order generation and Checkout Process

Get a gist on how the cart is built and order is generated. Cross verify regarding the billing techniques and generation of invoices. Make sure that your website offers single click checkout as if the complete thing requires signing up before order placement, the user may not be interested in filling up that complete form. Rather a simple mechanism of social media login can also be adopted for verifying the genuinity of the user.

  1. Automated Newsletter and Email subscriptions

In order to keep your customers notified regarding the upcoming new items or any SALE offers, the ecommerce portal should have a support for automated newsletter and email subscriptions as well.

The Final Words

The success of your ecommerce solutions lies in your hands and you must utilize that effectively. Keep updated and don’t forget to pay equal attention towards promoting and marketing of your portal. Last but not the least, before proceeding make a proper audience research and market analysis as well.

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