An eCommerce solution that to Sell Medical Equipments Online.

Sell Medical Equipments Online

Medsamaan - A platform dealing in Medical & Healthcare Equipments

Medsamaan.com is an in-kind eCommerce solution that deals in medical equipment and devices. The primary aim of the platform is to sell medical equipment and devices to all the healthcare institutions so that they can provide economical and advanced health treatment to their patients.

The Challenges we had?

The client wanted to target both Retail and B2B buyers on a single platform. The retail buyer would purchase the products used for end consumption, while the B2B buyer would buy the medical equipment & devices for official use.

The challenging part of the solution was to classify the buyers into retail buyers & B2B buyers. So, based on the buyer’s classification, the solution was to offer different functionalities to both the users, as the retail buyer would directly place an order for his required product. In contrast, the B2B buyer would request a quotation against the listed products or might be required to purchase the products in pre-defined sets or quantities.

The Resolution

The website’s front-end was a usual design since many buyers would be from the B2B segment. The main focus was on the functional aspects of the solution to make the buyer’s journey easy.

Over the standard eCommerce solution, we did a set of customizations that completely changed the face of the solution. The customizations included:

  • Classification of the buyer as Retail or B2B buyer.
  • Variable product pricing options for the buyers.
  • RFQ for high-value products
  • MOQ for low-value products
  • Partial Payment options for order booking

The solution was a success in the industry and was awarded several times.


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