Seller Enrolment

The process of a marketplace starts as a seller comes and registers his business entity with the marketplace to get his products listed on the website.

Marketplaces can be classified into two different types upon which the seller registration process differs.


Concept of an Open Marketplace

An open marketplace is one where anyone can come and register his business entity to sell online. For sure who sells is controlled by admin as the seller account goes live only if it is approved by admin.

Products uploaded by sellers are also curated by admin prior to going online.


Concept of a Closed Marketplace

A closed marketplace is fully controlled by Admin. It is a structure where registrations of sellers is not open for public and it is only admin who creates accounts for marketplace sellers directly from his admin panel. 

As a Seller is enrolled he can login to his panel to manage operations. 

admin approval

Admin Approvals

As a seller registers his business on the marketplace, the submitted registration form is sent to the admin for his approvals. Admin checks & verifies the business documents as attached by the seller, to approve his registration. 

Post activation of the seller panel, next process in lined is the product uploading which is to be taken care of by the seller.

business document

Required business documents for buyer authentication

For the due diligence, admin can ask the seller to upload his business authenticity documents at the time of registration. The documents may include:

  • Pan Card Image
  • VAT/CST certificate image
  • Company registration certificate
  • Copy of Cancelled cheque
  • Address proof
  • Electricity bill Etc.

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