B2B Ecommerce Software Solution

In this new era of e-commerce evolution the old rules still hold good. Don’t you think that any B2B customer will buy from a B2B marketplace if he gets a huge product selection to choose from, available at competitive prices and an excellent customer service turning him to be a repeat buyer.

This is where a B2B Ecommerce Software Solution for creating Marketplaces offered by us as an integrated platform comes to help the business owners from various facets of industry to collaborate and do business regardless of geographical boundaries. 

The platform acts as a medium between vendors, sellers and buyers to work together over a B2B or a C2C business requirement.

B2B Ecommerce Software
B2B marketplace

Why start a B2B Marketplace ?

Since long when the business came in existence we have been buying and selling goods. The trade has its limitations and boundaries beyond which it becomes difficult to manage and growth becomes stagnant. It is not impossible today to do business beyond boundaries but managing that business efficiently and scaling it needs technology that can support operations and prevents exceptions.
Retaxis powered B2B Marketplace Website Software Solution comes handy by providing you a platform to aggregate vendors, buyers at the same place and managing the selling process effectively. 

Planning to start a B2B Marketplace

B2B Marketplace Development Services

If you want to be a successful B2B Marketplace owner you will need to manage and master the following processes. 

    • Store, Tax & Categories Setup

    • Admin team creation & allocation

    • Vendor Registration & Onboarding

    • Vendor Login & Dashboard

    • Vendor Product Upload & Approval Process

    • Procurement / Just In time Model (MOQ)

    • Buyer Registration, on-boarding & activation

    • Multiple Location based buyers & sellers

    • Buyer ordering process

    • Partial / Full Payments

    • Order Fulfilment Process

    • Account reconciliation for buyers & sellers

    • Purchase order & Invoicing

    Our Bespoke B2B Marketplace Solution has features like

    Features that are unique to your B2B Marketplace allowing you to sell more 

      Seller Onboarding

      Easy seller registration & on-boarding process. Know More >>

      Manage Departments

      Manage teams & departments for smooth b2b operations
      Know More>>

      Tax Matrix

      Manage B2B sales with taxes automated in the system
      Know More >>

      Procurement Model

      Procure items before you sell them on your marketplace
      Know More >>

      Coupons & Promotions

      What all you can do promote your B2B marketplace
      Know More >>

      Buyer Onboarding

      To be able to buy you need to be an approved buyer on the Marketplace
      Know More >>

      Order Quantity Limitations

      Order quantity capping for min & max  against a product
      Know More >>

      Order Processing & Split

      Manage orders & split them according to multiple vendors that you have in the system
      Know More >>

      Accounts & Ledgers

      Reconcile account & tax ledgers created automatically for sellers & buyers
      Know More >>

      Reports & Performance

      Track performance of your transaction, buyers & sellers
      Know More >>

      Native mobile apps

      Be omnipresent on desktop, laptop, tablets & mobile
      Know More >>

      Understand a Multi Vendor Marketplace Software

      B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Business Models

      These are models where there is an actual sales or purchase of items with actual financial / trade tractions happening on the platform.

      • B2B Product sales with Minimum Order Quantity limitation.
      • B2B based procurement & sales channel automation.
      • B2B Bidding or Auctioning Systems.
      • B2B Listing Solutions with Sales Commissions

      Retaxis offers you with solutions for B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Models which can be operated by web as well as mobile users efficiently. 

      B2B marketplace

      Get ready for your Online Success

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