Starting a services marketplace?

Todays world is all about collaborating and growing together. It is about bridging gaps between the demand and supply channels so as to make services more easily available and accessible. Think of a scenario where a service provider is sitting idle with no business and a service seeker running from pillar to post looking for a provider of such services. This gap today can be bridged with the advent of technology. We at Retaxis are a lucky few who understands it and can help you Start an Online Service Marketplace without the hassle of re-inventing the wheel.

Service Seekers

These are the buyers for services that are offered on your marketplace. 

Service Providers

These are professionals who plan to offer their services on your marketplace. 

Marketplace Owner

It is you who has decided to start an online services marketplace and will be benefitted with a service fee over each successful transaction. 

Various models of a Online Services Marketplace

3 different models that we have seen working on a services marketplace are as below. 

InHouse teams and Incentive Driven

A model in which the service providers are closely chosen team of the marketplace and are driven by incentives on the basis of their task closures in a day.
inhouse team and incentive
outsource team

Outsourced Teams with Incentives on Conversions

The marketplace generates leads and pass it to a team of external service providers with revenues / commissions earned on successful conversions of a lead to business.

Outsourced Teams with Lead Selling Concept

The marketplace generates leads and shares them with the external service providers to fulfil with revenues earned on sales of leads to the providers
outsource team with lead

Connect providers to service seekers

Why choose Retaxis as a partner in starting

an On-Demand Services Marketplace. 

Manage Services as well as Packages

As an Admin you can create and sell a-la-carte services as well as packages with group of services to your seekers.

Variable pricing according to Location

Define variable prices for each service or a package according to each city / location you create for services in the system.

Omni-present on Web / Android / iOS

Get natively created mobile application for iOS and Android along with the web based solution that you have for your Marketplace. 

Coupons & Promotions

Manage coupons and promotions with ease directly from your admin panel and see the business flowing to your Marketplace. 

Earn from Affiliates

With affiliate integrations you can get diverted traffic from third party coupon companies or other ad affiliate partners to share revenues only on successful sale. 

Manage Teams & Departments

Manage team of providers on your platform with connection to type of services they can offer as well as the departments they belong to. 

Endless Possibilities with Retaxis Powered

On-Demand Services marketplace. 

Social Media Logins

Swift registrations and login using a social media profile of a user on leading sites like Facebook, Google etc.

App Notifications

Send notifications to your customers on successful transactions & an intimation on change of stage for their orders. 

Money Management

Take charge of your earnings and provide consolidated statement of accounts to your service providers at any time directly thru their panels.

Google Map Integration

Get location based data with tracking information and location sharing features directly on your Android / iOS apps. 

On-Demand Services Marketplace powered by Retaxis

If there are more than 2 people transacting on an online platform you will find us. Retaxis is a brand owned by CSTech with the primary motive of empowering e-commerce solutions that involves more than 2 people transacting on a platform. These are typical marketplaces which are homologous to big names like Housejoy, Urbanclap, Taskbob or Zimmber in current scenario.

Get ready for your Online Success

Are you ready to start an Online Store for your business

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