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RETAXIS’s e commerce solution is the best in the market that provide flexible enterprise solutions to your ecommerce business. From forming a shopping cart to intense merchandising, get your business reach the heights with dynamic pricing techniques, promotions, customer care service and many more features.  We are here to provide you all online business solutions at one stop platform. We design the future of ecommerce here. Don’t miss it!

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What is SEO for Ecommerce?

Search Engines are the primary drivers of traffic to a website.
When you launch an E-commerce Store you have various channels thru which you can divert traffic but the best source of free traffic is Organic traffic sent to you by Search Engines.At any moment, thousands of potential customers are using search engines to find products and services that they are interested in. Websites which get displayed on the first or second page of the search engine results are the ones that get this business.

How does it differs from Regular Ecommerce ?

SEO for Ecommerce differs from a regular brochure website in many ways but there is one major difference that super-seeds all. SEO for ecommerce is planned to get more sale as expected against leads in a Regular Ecommerce scenario. Some other things that differentiate them:

No of pages are high.

Conversion metrics are complex.

Measurement & pivoting is required for a failing strategy.

Conversion optimization plays a crucial role.

Need to increase engagement is there.

what is SETUP?

Setup is the first step of getting your ecommerce website ready for search engines. This process relates to majorly all the issues needed for an on-page website changes & ensuring that the website is acceptable as per the search engine parameters.
It also covers the aspects that needs optimization at server / code level and recommendations of the same can be made to you.
It includes changes that we check for the onpage optimization of your ecommerce website according to the search engine algorithms.

what is MEASURE?

Once you have done an initial setup of your store you need to integrate and activate various measurement indexes keeping in mind that you can track the activity of visitors on your store and see what is converting and what is not.
In this phase we look at setting up conversion analytics to ensure a clear measurement of promotional activities done thru different mediums or sources.

what is SCALE?

Scale is that phase of your ecommerce website promotion post which we assist you in doing all the off-page & cross site promotions getting you more link juice, more traffic thru organic means and even assisting you in your paid ads analysis.
This is the phase where you start putting in different experiments to work to analyze what works best for your business.
It includes changes that we check for the onpage optimization of your ecommerce website according to the search engine algorithms.

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Retaxis has done a Good job for YNM Safety Website, It’s a Good Team Work. You are giving Excellent Solutions.

Best team.. best support.. best creative.. best techinecal knowledge and implimentation… Happy to be their prefered client

Samir Shah
What truly sets them apart is that they’d always suggest new ideas or politely reject your’s, when needed.

Prashant Tarkhala
Has a very good team, Superb grasp on his knowledge and the quality was according to my

Rakesh Gupta
I got to know about Retaxis thru Google. The team has very good knowledge of E-Commerce solutions. They have a friendly behaviour and were able to delivery my project on time. I will surely recommend them further.

Amit Soni

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