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Best eCommerce Solutions offered by Retaxis

Retaxis is the best ecommerce solutions company in the industry. It provides support in every phase of forming your ecommerce business solutions, including a shopping cart software implementation to correct cataloguing of products, setup of customer support services systems, planning promotions, and many more.

Ecommerce Solution
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Why eCommerce?

Today we all are logical rather than being pointless believers. Hence, before we take up ecommerce service, it is indeed a necessity to understand the importance and growing trends in the ecommerce market. Retaxis is here to provide you the complete ecommerce solution in this competitive world. At Retaxis we are a team of global solution providers providing dexterity, flexibility and total transparency for your ecommerce business. Our product development engineers are committed to develop world-class ecommerce product that are suitable for your business needs to ensure your success. So, if you are looking for the best ecommerce solutions in Bangalore, Retaxis solution is the best option for you.

Offering improved UI experience

Undoubtedly the most important aspect for any website is the user experience. Improved UI experience is indeed a necessity for any ecommerce business carrier. At Retaxis we are offering the improved version of UI experience to all our clientele. Here are the details of everything that we are offering to our clients:

Varied payment gateways

With our new payment gateways UX designs, user can easily pay their bills and dues. And admin can choose all the payment options that are to be made visible on the website template.

Responsive themes

Retaxis is specialised in designing responsive themes for your website that not just attract more clicks on your website but also is flexible enough for all devices(desktop, laptop, mobile phones etc.).

Customize with personal touch

Retaxis allows you to customise your website as per your needs and personal choices which helps to engage more and more customer base.

Product highlights and promotions

At Retaxis we not just design a responsive website but also take care of your products and highlight them on your website for customers to enjoy.

Enhanced Clientele

What Ecommerce can bring to your business heights is not unpredictable today also it’s more than one. Ecommerce being the latest online business trend in the market has brought a lot of success for many start-ups and small business industries. Now enhance your clientele with Retaxis e commerce solution services:

Sell your product on social media

Today what can be a better idea than selling on social media. Retaxis can help you sell your products on social media websites like Facebook with least efforts.

Personalise your sales growth

To fetch more orders, get personalised with Retaxis by sending customised e-mails and SMS to your clients about the latest offerings by your organization.

Options to send as a Gift

Let your customers send personalised gifts to their loved ones through your websites. Allow your clients to gift wrap the items to their beloved ones

Grow Your Business Faster With Retaxis

The 21st century is all about online business and all the entire marketing industry has come across with new business trends. Ecommerce business solutions have always been the most tried and tested trends in the business world and with new technologies coming up every day, online marketing has become the sole way to grow any business. With Retaxis, you no more have to worry about ecommerce solutions. Let us explain you why you should choose Retaxis as your E-commerce developer:

In-Store Search

It helps you to get in touch with your customers with certain search gestures like related searches, did you mean? suggestions, filtering options, sorting options and so on.

Inventory Management

Advanced inventory management that helps you keep your customers informed through promotions like low-stock notification, coupon expiry dates, and so on.

SEO Friendly

Right SEO tools on your ecommerce website. Get seo friendly URLs for your products, category and web pages on Retaxis. Dominate search engines and get sales organically.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Amit Soni

The team has very good knowledge of E-Commerce solutions. They have a friendly behaviour & were able to delivery my project on time.

Prashant Tarkhala

What truly sets them apart is that they’d always suggest new ideas or politely reject your’s, when needed.

Rakesh Gupta

Has a very good team, Superb grasp on his knowledge and the quality was according to my needs.

Shiva Richezone

Retaxis has done a Good job for YNM Safety Website, It’s a Good Team Work. You are giving Excellent Solutions.

Magesh T

"Useful app and it has all i need. For Agents, distribution of leads, Reports and also the Trial. I will subscribe after the trial. Thanks customer support for very accommodating."

Arghya Chakravarty

The team has very good knowledge of E-Commerce solutions. They have a friendly behaviour & were able to delivery my project on time.

Are you ready to Start an Online Store for your business?

Retaxis is a powerful e-commerce software solution that can help you if you are planning to sell online using a single brand ecommerce store or a multi-vendor marketplace solution. It provides you all the tools and skills required to manage the online selling process with ease.

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