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DEALSDRAY.COM – B2B Marketplace Software

Dealsdray.com is a full blown B2B Marketplace Software that automates procurements, listing, selling and account keeping for vendors, sellers, buyers and marketplace. Yes it has 4 stake holders rather than 3 which are there in a regular marketplace business. Working across India now they are into selling mobiles, computers, laptops and accessories to Retailers / Business owners who wants to sell them further to the end consumer.

The Unique Challenge 

The solution needed was for a marketplace who worked on behalf of sellers to procure products from vendors to be sold to the buyers. The concept was to buy and sell locally / centrally. The catalogue, listing, deals, coupons or promotions were to be limited locally in a state, a city or even to a single buyer if needed. 

Beside that the need was to manage multiple business departments with escalation matrix and reporting hierarchy for all the processes made in the system. 

Started a B2B Marketplace Software with procurement automation. 

The B2B Marketplace Software that we made allowed the client to do the following 

  • Create and manage multiple departments in his business with escalation hierarchy for department users. 
  • Restrict roles for each departments as per the desired process. 
  • Validate data for buyers and vendors joining the system.
  • Automate the complete supply chain lifecycle for smooth deliveries & fulfillments of the order.
  • Manage warehouses in multiple cities and work with multiple courier partners for order fulfillment. 

An app for buyers with catalogs exclusive to them or to their location

iOS app for Buyers

An app with enrollment, catalogue, ordering and fulfillment system was created for the buyers who can download them directly from the apple store. The solution offered was an app only solution that allowed buyers to buy products which are available only in their region with automatic notifications sent to them for latest deals available in the system.  

Android app for Buyers

Since it is an app only solution for buyers an android app for the same was also created and hosted on the google play store. This app acts as a one point solution for all the buyer needs with deals they can not refuse. Admin has the right to define whether they will need a booking amount for creation of an order or if they can take booking without any advance payments. 

An order intent created follows a delivery cycle with purchase orders created for vendors and option to deliver an order in parts for the marketplace teams.  

Technology Stack

Why choose Retaxis as your B2B Marketplace Software

There are many reasons to it and we will love to discuss the same with you when possible. 
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