TARA-India Research Press

An online book store which sells books written by various Authors.


Tarapress – An Online Book Store by India Research Press.

Publisher Tara Press / India Research Press wanted an online book store created that showcased information about their business, a list of authors they had published and wished to sell books online.

The Challenges we had?

The need was not just to create an online book store but to create a store that gives insight into their business. To showcase what they do and to stay minimalistic in the design approach.

They wanted to sell books online, the ones they have published, whether hardbound or digital.

Started an Online Book Store

The solution we offered was an online book store with lots of whites and greys. Minimalistic design houses information about the business, its team, ideology, and the list of books they sell online.

The solution was a web-based solution with a responsive design to cater to multiple devices and screen sizes.


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