Ozzies Terrariums

An online store selling live plants & terrariums online.


Ozziesterrariums.in – an online store selling live plants & Terrariums online

Terrariums are plants that have an ecosystem of their own. A unique idea and product that you can use to decorate your household or gift to your friends and family.

The Challenges we had?

Since it is a unique product, the need was to make a store where the artist Ms. Pooja Singh can put in the remarkable collection of Terrariums. Additionally, it was requested that they list out their DIY kits that would be shipped to buyers. It is also necessary that the platform serves both as a showcase of work and a lead generation system.

The Resolution

As required, we created a responsive online store that allowed the admin to upload products, i.e. the unique collection of terrariums for selling purposes.

The system even allowed the admin to upload the DIY Kits and the products the buyers can buy through the platform.

During the checkout process, the buyer had an option to either purchase the product by paying online or raise a purchase request by filling in the form shared with the admin for further processing.


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