Organic Lifestyle

An ecommerce Store offering Organic, Natural & Gluten Free products.


Organic Lifestyle – they selling organic and natural products online

Organic Lifestyle is one of the India’s largest and fastest growing organic store chain
with presence on physical stores as well as eCommerce platform.
This is a single vendor platform where the owner wishes to sell a variety of organic,
natural & Gluten free products to their customers with quickest deliveries.

The Challenge we had

The client wanted the website to be designed in such a way that it should automatically convey the idea of selling organic products. Since the store already had a physical presence, the owner wanted to create an online store with a web presence that would help him cater to buyers from different locations.

The major challenge while designing the solution was to create a central repository so that the admin could manage the inventory of the products in physical store and the online store from a single window.

Also, the client wanted to integrate an ERP solution in the backend that would sync the inventories and manage the billing.

Our offered solution

To cater to the client’s requirement, we initiated the website designs to display the USP of the project, i.e., selling organic products. The website was beautifully designed with responsive layouts and an appropriate colour scheme.

The next challenge was to make the project functionally successful, wherein the client was able to manage the inventories of the available products through a central repository. Thus allowing in-store and online orders to flow through one database so that inventories can be managed centrally and product inventories can be accurately displayed on the website so that no out-of-stock items are ordered. 

The website was rolled on live servers after testing the functionalities.


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