Handicraft Bazaar

A Marketplace platform connecting artisans to sell genuine & ethnic handicraft products.


Handicraft BazarIndia - A B2C Marketplace platform that curates handicraft products by artisans throughout India.

Handicraftbazarindia.com is a B2C marketplace that focuses mainly on selling genuine ethnic & handicraft products sold by artisans from all over India. This marketplace directly enrolls the artisans, renowned retailers, and manufacturers who deal in various ethnic and handicraft articles loved by people within and outside India.

The sole objective of the marketplace is to provide a direct selling platform to genuine handloom weavers and handicraft artisans and to provide information about handloom and handicraft producers and their products to retail customers and handicraft lovers across the globe.

The Challenge we had?

Since the marketplace was focused on selling products related to the Handicraft & Handloom industry, we focused on the designing aspect, which would justify the dignity of the products and the artisans.

The design was one part that was taken into hands by the team of experts. The other challenging part was developing a user-friendly seller’s panel that was to be accessed by artisans, out of which the majority was not too tecno-friendly.

The majority of sellers who were to enroll on the portal were from remote areas for whom accessing the backend panel and managing the same was not a regular activity. The panel was to be designed so that the sellers could access it quickly and use it efficiently.


The Resolution

The designing team accomplished the resolution to the first challenge of creating a trendy and attractive website.

We fulfilled the second challenge of designing a user-friendly seller panel by creating an easy-to-use panel for artisans to upload product catalogs, manage product inventories, prices, and images, and process orders efficiently.

The mobile responsive seller’s backend panel enabled them to access the portal thru their mobile phones. Moreover, the admin and support team’s endless support made it much easier for the artisans to capture new things and learn the operations.


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