An online Jewelry store allowing buyers to Rent Designer Jewellery 


Rentjewels.com – a portal that allows buyers to Rent Designer Jewellery Online

Rentjewels.com is a unique idea that allows buyers to rent jewelry online from the website itself. The project was an extension to a portal we did for Taruna Biyani, a jewelry designer based out of Delhi who wanted a specific set of her products to be available to buyers for Renting.

The Challenges we had?

The need was to create a portal that allows buyers to book jewelry pieces for a limited period. Each jewelry piece needed a certain amount of booking and security to be paid by the person looking at renting them.

Admin wanted to showcase the list of products available to him in a category-driven list that can help buyers sort them, search them, and rent them out for a period of their choice.

The Resolution

The solution offered was a website that allowed the admin to manage their daily product listing, product deactivating, and order processing.

It kept a record of who had bought what and till what time they could expect it back.

It was equipped with automatic reminders and an expiry list generated both for the client and admin.

In case of a delay in return, it automatically recalculated the amount to be paid by the buyer and adjusted that against the deposit.


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