A Women-Centric Marketplace based in the UAE, that houses unique & handmade products.

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Itsherstore.com - UAE based marketplace that primarily focuses on Women Empowerment.

Itsherstore.com is a marketplace portal managed by itsherway.com & focuses on empowering creative & business-driven women in GCC & UAE regions. The idea of the marketplace is to help women, crafters & artists sell their handmade products through the portal to scale their business and grow financially and professionally.

This portal caters to the community of #Shepreneurs. It provides them a perfect opportunistic space, tools, and resources to connect and learn from each other about starting and running a successful business.

The Challenge we had?

The founder of this community/marketplace aimed & targeted only the women’s entrepreneurs, and this portal is solely dedicated to selling only the products manufactured/designed by them.

The challenging part of the project was to design a portal that could promote the #Shepreneurs, display their wide range of products to the world, and motivate other blooming entrepreneurs to join hands with the community.

The other challenge was to create a multi-lingual portal that could support multiple currency & payment options as well. Since the website was to be operational in the GCC Region and some other neighbouring countries, it was necessary to have multi-language & multi-currency support so that none of the incoming buyers faced any problem placing an order.

The Resolution

To encounter the challenge of creating a multi-lingual solution, we implemented google translate on the website’s homepage, which allowed the buyers to change the language of the portal as per their native language. This helped the buyers to preview the website’s content in more than 100 languages.

Another major implementation on the portal was for multi-currency support. This implementation allowed the buyers from multiple countries to preview the product prices in their local currency, whether AED, USD, or any other. Although the portal has a lot of functionalities for smooth buying & selling operations, the 1st impression of an e-store always counts on how user-friendly and attractive the frontend is. For this, we designed a very peppy frontend on a Pink color theme design which depicted the motive and the social cause.

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Amit Soni

The team has very good knowledge of E-Commerce solutions. They have a friendly behaviour & were able to delivery my project on time.

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What truly sets them apart is that they’d always suggest new ideas or politely reject your’s, when needed.

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Has a very good team, Superb grasp on his knowledge and the quality was according to my needs.

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Retaxis has done a Good job for YNM Safety Website, It’s a Good Team Work. You are giving Excellent Solutions.

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"Useful app and it has all i need. For Agents, distribution of leads, Reports and also the Trial. I will subscribe after the trial. Thanks customer support for very accommodating."

Arghya Chakravarty

The team has very good knowledge of E-Commerce solutions. They have a friendly behaviour & were able to delivery my project on time.

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