A Marketplace that that deals in a wide range of product categories for B2B Transactions.


Businessbudie.com - A Marketplace that targets Manufacturers | Whole-sellers for B2B Transactions

Businessbudie.com is a B2B Marketplace platform that deals in various product categories ranging from Electronics to apparel and Daily Needs to Household items.

This marketplace works on a ‘Wholesale Bazaar’ model wherein the buyer is bound to purchase a minimum set quantity pre-defined by the seller. The founders’ objective was to create a portal that would help the small retailers directly buy the products from whole-sellers/manufacturers at an ease of a click.

The Challanges we had?

During our brainstorming phase with the client on the business requirements, we came across many new modules, which were essentially the crux of the portal and would resolve the day-to-day problems small retailers face while sourcing their required products.

Upon finalizing the scope of work, the project looked like a Hybrid B2B solution, a B2C marketplace that adds on B2B functionalities.

The challenging part of the B2B functionalities included the ‘Minimum Ordering Functionalities’ with ‘Differential Pricing Options’ and the concept of ‘Partial Payment’ since the orders’ ticket size was way larger than the B2C ecosystem. But to our experience, we did the project with a successful outcome.


The Resolution

Our sales team did a tremendous job in finalizing the scope of work, and our development team did the remaining wonders.

To cover the B2B aspects of the portal, we created a module that allowed the sellers to define ‘Minimum Ordering Units’ against every product available in their product catalog.

For the ‘Differential Pricing’ concept, we created a module in the seller panel to define Quantity-Slab-based pricing against the products. Thus the vision of Wholesale Bazaar was clear- The more quantity you buy, the best price you get.

Considering the above two functionalities, the monetary value of the order becomes very high, and thus the buyer does not pay the whole amount upfront. So, we created a partial payment option, using which the buyer could pay the partial order amount in advance to confirm the order while paying the balance payments via NEFT or Bank Transfers.


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