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retaxis integrates live chat

In a competitive market, if there is a way to help you connect directly to your client with a live person, that has a great standout effect. As commerce has matured, the buyers expect world-class services out of online sellers. Having this kind of feature on your website comes out to be a unique selling point that compels your customers to choose you against your competitors. We buy from businesses we TRUST, and an online transaction system backed with live chat support increases your trust factor.

Why do you need to live chat support for your e-commerce store?

Think about who you do when you are at an online portal, and a questipopsp’s up in your brain that needs an answer. Yes, you go to their contact us page, look for their contact details and dial them. Now, this was just one part of it. Still, once you have called, you are welcomed by a machine run IVRS system which asks you to hold (sometimes for an infinite or indefinite period) you cal land if it is one of your lucky day you get to speak with the customer support executive asking him the question you had. Now ask yourself if you would like your customers to go through this nerve-wracking process when they are standing in front of you with their wallets open, and the only thing that stops them from buying from you is an answer to few questions they have.

Well, at this point, live chat support comes out as a “convenience” to your buyers at very little expenditure as compared to telephonic support. It makes your business stand out from the competition and achieve a stronger connection with your brand.

Do Retaxis stores support live chat support?

Yes! we are delighted to announce that Retaxis empowered e-commerce stores now integrate seamlessly with Zopim and Olark two of the major live chat support solutions providers.

All you need to do is sign-up for your accounts on their websites and fill in their client codes on your Retaxis e-commerce store setup area. Once done, your online store is empowered with live chat support.

For more details on integrating live chat software on your Retaxis e-commerce store, visit our Knowledgebase section.


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