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How many of us cherish online shopping experiences? Not all of us have good memories of placing an order for something online. It’s not always online; even personal buying experiences are not always good experiences. Gone are days when the proprietors were worried only and only about the profit their income and loss statements showed. They’ve finally realized that going behind numbers can help you survive in business but aiming for customer satisfaction can help your business grow.

So now that the money myth is solved, let’s jot down top reasons why sellers were so unaware of this whole “customer satisfaction thing.”

  • Imagination crisis– When our imagination expands, we can fit in things that never existed. Imagination helps you create services or products which you always thought were a figment of your brain. The first car was created only when Henry Ford imagined a vehicle that took you around the block with four wheels and an engine. So when imagination suffers, the products remain just there, and suddenly you see your customers switch brands because your competitor came up with something that you never imagined.
  • Lost focus– You may have visualized something, but the outcome of all that work is something else. This is when the product you want to build and the service-connected to it dwindle because your expectations are not met. When this happens, you can imagine the customer. His expectations are also not met; hence he will not deal with you anymore.
  • Customer’s mindset– When a customer is buying a product or a service from your eCommerce store, he expects something in return for his money. To get business, you will list out the salient features of your product and close the deal. Oops! But when your customer finds a certain hitch in using the product, he’s sure to have complaints, which, of course, will lead him to blacklist you.

Making customers happy and keeping them satisfied is not rocket science. But at the same time, it involves some conceptual clarity and effort to know your customers. Till today, this technique of selling has not failed. Word-of-mouth publicity, or simply called WOM publicity, is where a customer who has used your product provides positive/negative feedback to other people. When your product is good enough, you don’t need to spend a penny on the advertisement.

So if you want to bag good sales and reputation in the market, then only WOM can come to your rescue. Today, we have more sellers of a product than we had yesterday. So how do we cut the competition?

  • Study who your customers are and survey their preferences and tastes.
  • Define your company’s vision in terms of selling and create a value system.
  • Don’t stop innovating and tell why they need to choose your company from others.
  • Keep your customers first and invest in the relationship by selling them what they require and give and after sales call to know how they like your service.
  • Make sure you get feedback from your customer on the services and products purchased.

Like I said, getting your customer satisfied is no Rocket Science, and in today’s world, what matters more is to have more retained customers cause they get you a steady flow of new customers. Though it is difficult the first question you need to answer to a customer is “WHY.” Ensure you have that defined, communicated to your team, and don’t forget to communicate the same to your customers.


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