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Unless you live under the rock for a couple of years, you must have surely heard about the blooming market of e-commerce. It could have come in front of you in different formats and patterns or spheres and that too with different angles. You must have heard regarding different companies who are providing e-commerce because the commercials on TV are bombarded with numerous advertisements, going through the stories which are hyped concerning services offered by the e-commerce sites, looking into the huge valuations via web companies which are getting ample stock market-even though not making the profit.

Whenever you plan to build up a website related to e-commerce, you should keep in mind a few tips for which you should query, and they are mentioned below-

  • How are you planning to market your website? – Generally, clients are more interested in getting their e-commerce store online and do not provide ample importance to market the same online. This situation is generally followed by poor traffic or no sales on your recently launched online store leading to unrest and disinterest. Our best advice is to go through your expectation before launching your website. A successful website requires lots of attention and a well-planned marketing strategy, but unfortunately, many owners plan to ignore the essential stuff.
  • How to customize the overall presence of your online store to the latest technologies? –Technologies have taken a remarkable leap and have showcased an enthusiastic environment in recent times. Due to which it is soaring high in the market, and people are getting inclined towards it. If you have an online presence in many of the cases, then surely, your company’s logo, color schemes, etc. should be reflected on the e-commerce site. In case if you don’t have a presence online, then surely you should go ahead with following the color patterns of your logo for your e-commerce site. Many templates can be customized by an e-commerce website development company or thru a DIY panel where you can make changes to the layout without much knowledge of HTML & CSS.
  • A pattern of the payment system? –You need to ensure that it should be secure and safe concerning customer’s confidentiality. We usually recommend signing up with a payment gateway provider, which is PCI-DSS compliant, and offers a solution on an HTTPS secure page hosted on their website or yours. We have recently come across various payment gateways offering payment on-page options. You can also accept payments directly on your website without going to the payment gateway provider website.   Your payment gateway should be equipped to support 3D-secure payment validations to safeguard your customers. We at Retaxis are currently integrated with almost each payment gateway in India and can help you acquire a free payment gateway.
  • How to take care of customer service? – Customer service plays a crucial part in enhancing the experience of your customers. Well, a user is putting his money on stake for a product he is buying on your website, he might face issues due to delays in delivery or due to a damaged product, and at this time, he needs someone to listen. Some of the wide user support systems help buyers request inquiries using live chat, email, telephone, or social media.
  • How to determine shipping cost? To sort out shipping costs, you should contact a logistics company you have chosen to deliver products. They will be providing you shipping charges according to zones and weight of the shipment. In case your competitors are offering the shipping free of charge, you need to look into it as to how you can absorb the shipping cost. You can look into Delhivery or Ecom express as your partners in Logistics.
  • How to handle product descriptions and images? – It is always believed that images speak more loudly than words. Online shoppers cannot feel, touch, or smell the product, so it’s beneficial if you can describe the product in the best possible manner. The product description should be short and relevant, which should add the features of the product.
  • Enhancing your site via comments and feedback of the customers – Customer feedback or comments plays a crucial presence on the website. It reaches to numerous people across the globe. With customers’ comments, other new customers are gaining momentum on the website and feel like exploring more. Even you should showcase your presence on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Since these are comments by a fellow buyer, they also work wonders in increasing the product’s reputation.
  • How to attract shoppers? – Once your e-commerce store is online, you need to make it using various channels that you might have been it word of mouth marketing, banners, paid ads, or organic search results. You should also create an identity for your e-commerce store on various social media websites and link back to the same in your store. Marketing for your online store is a continuous effort. We recommend looking for a vendor to assist you in doing search engine optimization, paid ads (PPC), or affiliate marketing options.
  • How to handle returns? – You should be prepared to handle your products; these returns could be part of replacements or even refunds. You should make sure that your current e-commerce website can handle returns efficiently and update inventories in case of a client’s refund. Along with the update on stock inventories, the system would also trigger an email confirmation to your buyer as a notification of return.
  • How to track the success of the store? – Like any other business, you need to keep track of the top line and bottom line to be sure you are heading in the right direction. With e-commerce, the biggest benefit is tracking and analyzing actions done by various visitors to your store, which is missing in a brick and mortar business. You should definitely use an analytics tool like Google Analytics to track visitors’ actions coming on your website, analyze them, and make changes to improve conversions. Create a Goal and then see how to achieve it; it’s your responsibility to help your buyers get the best buying experience in your store.

 Hoping that you have some clear idea about setting your eCommerce store, you can also check out what leading players in the industry are doing. Learn from their short upcoming and rectify them in your eCommerce store.

You can even ask us at Retaxis to help you create your online e-commerce store. Call us for NO OBLIGATION FREE DEMO.


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