Well we have all seen the surge in e-commerce business during the last Diwali season. Sitting today you are just about a month away from the another holiday season and i bet you have big plans to increase sales this season. You will be replenishing inventories, recharging your google adwords accounts, planning an ad campaign and many more things. We all agree that Christmas is one of the most popular festival in the world and since it is that time of the year when New Year is also around the corner the markets see a surge in product sales.

Holiday Email Marketing isn’t a secret and it is the best time to send email campaigns to your prospective buyer. WAIT! isn’t this what everyone will be doing, so how do i stand out. Thats the big question?

So what should you do? Answer to this is a list of few points i feel can make you stand out of the crowd.

  1. Add Fun to the Subject Line
    What do you think will convert more “20% discount on all merchandises this Christmas” or “Put 20% more presents under the Christmas Tree”.
  2. Use Christmas Graphics
    Customise your newsletter to capture spirit of Christmas, use graphics that shows the spirit. You can look for some free christmas graphics by clicking here.
  3. Don’t be Boring
    Don’t just sell your products in the boring way, send messages as part of your email communications, maybe viral video’s (if you can think of) or may be a digital greeting card for your buyers to make your brand memorable this Christmas.
  4. Personalised Messages
    Try to make your email copy as personalised as possible and make sure you greet the person with his name. Common things are not so common in today’s digital world.
  5. Catchy From Address
    Don’t send an email from sales@yourdomainname.com but think of a catchy senders id like santa@yourdomainname.com.

Summing up, anything you do this holiday season make sure you catch the spirit of Christmas. One word of caution though do not over do it and make sure you have done your A/B testing to determine best conversions on your Holiday Newsletter.

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