How Do I Get My Ecommerce Website Load Faster

People prefer to buy things online, and for the same purpose, your e-commerce store should load fast on their devices. In the current world, when going online is not that difficult, there is still something that most businesses forget, which is to optimize their online store so that it opens fast even with a high number of views and visitors on their store.

The best way to analyze your current website speed is to check for your Google Page Speed Score –

Following are the ways we believe will be best for you to increase the speed of your eCommerce site:

Use of Caching

This is a very great technology, which doesn’t load data that is not needed. It stores the data or a page temporarily into the memory, and then the data or page is accessed from memory instead of loading it from the server.

To know how to manage server output cache in IIS, Click Here

Optimize Your Images

Images can decrease the load speed of your site. So it is necessary to reduce the size of your photos, maintaining the quality. It is possible to use an online Image Optimizer.

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Use a Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network reduces the load times. It is good for sites which have more traffic. It can also make you earn extra money. You can use content delivery networks like Akamai, TATA CDN, or MAXCDN.

Use a Fast Web Host

Don’t use cheap hosts if your site traffic is more than normal.

Minimize Round-Trip Times

Request required when a user accesses your website is called round trip time or RTT. This request is sent by the browser to get information from the server. This RTT should be reduced as much as possible.

Compress Your Website

Response times are reduced by compression of files. Gzip is an application used for that. You can even minify script files like CSS or js file.

To know how to enable GZIP compression in IIS, Click Here

Switch Off All the Plugins You Don’t Need or Use

Many sites have a lot of unused plugins. They load different files, which decrease the speed of your site. So they must be removed or switched off to optimize the site speed.

The ways mentioned above are only some of the ways to increase the speed of the eCommerce site. Countless ways can increase the speed of the site by 100%. Increasing the eCommerce site’s speed matters a lot because it can gain you the trust and confidence of customers for your online business, and that is the first thing you can do to grow your online business.


If you have an ecommerce store where you are facing issues with ecommerce online marketplace we can help you analyse the reason behind the same.