First things first, it’s a myth that if we fill our commerce store with hundreds and thousands of products then it will automatically drive search engine traffic to our ecommerce store.

When planning to optimise an e-commerce store you need to understand that it is much more difficult than optimising those 5 page company websites or blogs. So what is it that we need to keep in mind when optimising our commerce store for search engines and what are the common errors we have see that most of the commerce store owners do and do again.

1. Lack of Product Description

An image is worth thousand words but then missing on putting a text description on your products is the first NO thing you should do. Insufficient product information will reduce your chances to almost a zero to be on a search engine’s radar. Search engines can not read images (as of yet) and when they come across one then they look for “alt tags” that you have provided as a description of the image. So first thing you should do is write crisp description about the products that you put on your commerce store.

2. Using Product Descriptions from Manufacturers

Ok so you sell mobile phones or camera’s and since the parent company has already invested in writing a description and details about the product you sell then why not copy the same from their website. “What’s the harm in that?” ism’t this the thought you get when planning to put your products for selling, but hang on for a minute isn’t this the thought everyone gets when they plan to put the same product for selling online on their store.

Search engines are hungry for new and unique content, coping your product descriptions from the parent website makes you a victim of non-unique content. You can definitely copy content from the parent website but feel free to make some amends to it so that it becomes unique to your website.

Always create unique content fro your website.

3. Lack of Product Reviews

Ask your self a question, what do you do as the first thing when you plan to buy a top brand newly launched mobile phone or a new shirt. You research for the features ok that’s yada, yada but then what is the most important part you look for. Isn’t it the reviews of the product buy others who have purchased it. Reviews are a major decision influencers for the products that you sell on your store and the more you get them the better it is for you. Did you know that Reviews are also small snippets of unique content for your website which comes for free, they keep your website content unique at all times and more interactive for your customers. Make sure your products are reviewed by their buyers.

4. Not Optimising Product Pages Based on the Search Demand

What do you think will give you better conversion “car” or a “Pre-owned Red Ferrari 2012 model”, research your keywords and make your product pages optimised for your search engine demand.

5. Non-Unique Titles

HTML plays a significant role in search engine optimisation of your commerce store. Title tag is one of the most important tag to miss and what we have seen that most of the store owners create a whole store with a single title tag <title> running thru the complete e-commerce store.

Like the rest of your content be sure that your title tag is also unique.

6. Lack of “Speaking” urls

You must have come across some URL’s that leaves you confused, what do you need a store url like

WOW, this url does not speaks anything about the product but does speaks a lot about the developer. Try to make your store URL’s as speaking as you can, some thing like


So, what is it that is preventing growth of your e-commerce site?

YES! it is lack of unique content and a word of caution, search engines are for the users don’t make your commerce store for search engines but for the customers who buy from it.

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