4 Acid Testing tips for launching your online store

When finalizing your online eCommerce store’s launch, one should make sure that the following tests have been done. This ensures and prevents you from the anticipation of launching your website in a jiffy and later on facing heartburns.

Compatibility & Responsiveness

This is the first and most key step that must have to be performed before launching an online store because it checks your website’s compatibility with all the browsers. Since it is essential that whatever browser a user is using, your website should work properly. Secondly, the responsiveness is directly linked with your website’s resolution because it is essential to check whether your website is functioning properly on desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets or not!

Some tools you can use to check your website responsiveness are:

Note: They might not be exact in the way they display your website, and in some cases, the real look on the real device may vary.

Content is King

The second thing is to make sure that your content is up to the mark or not! Like, if your website consists of unprofessional content, which does not make any sense, then obviously, your traffic will be affected, and the sales of your store will also be seriously damaged. Hence, a website must make its content error-free.

Some other things which should be kept in mind while checking the content are:

Formatting of the content
Grammatical mistakes
Images sizes and their locations
Contact information
Product details like prices, information, etc.

Make sure you use a plagiarism proof content even to give your website an organic SEO boost. Some tools you can use to check your website copies are:


It would help if you were sure of one thing that whatever image, link, or button you have on your website, it should be interactive because you are running an online store. Every such link which leads to a social media page or any button or image present on your website must be linked with the right page, which should be working properly.

Make testing customer accounts
If your website is multilingual, check all the languages
If your is international, check all the currencies first
Make test transactions going through all the payment methods
Delete the test orders before launching

Now, when everything is fine, and you have gone ahead for the launch, make sure the team working on the website knows about the “Known Issues” on the website admin panel. Restrict access of admin panel to 1 or a Max of 2 users.

The best way to make sure you are safe in terms of project functionality is to sit down and brainstorm (not STORM) with your technical team so that they can cover almost all the test cases expected for purchases on the online store.

Customer experience

If you perform this step before launching your store, that means you have cleared all the risks of making any mistake in your store! There are three levels to make it happen!

Test yourself!

Whenever you make any sort of the change in your online store, try using the website yourself or test those changes as a local customer and see if you get stuck at some point while using the website.

Let your friends test it!

Check out your website through your friends as well! Ask them to go through each thing in your store and see if they get any problem or issue in that.

Professional testing

It performs the same step as above, but it allows many other users to check your website. These professional testing websites are available to see if there is a weak point on your website.

The Launch is ready!

Done with all the above tests?

If yes, you are good to go with your online store! Start earning more from your store and keep making certain changes as required in your store by keeping the above-mentioned points in your mind.

One more thing is setting up a different development and production environment and ensuring that everything you want to get on your live online store is first tested on the development environment according to the test cases suggested by you or your testing team.

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