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On-Demand Professional Services?

We understand that creating and managing in-house teams can be time and energy draining. In a model like this you can act as a pure aggregator of service providers for buyers who can then put up their requirements which can be passed on as leads to the providers in that area of the services.

Starting an On-Demand Professional Services Marketplace?

This is a pure sales engine with lead qualification criteria’s that will help you generate, manage and distribute
leads with pre-qualified criteria’s and data points to a provider. 


Location Creation & Management

The admin panel has an ease of creating new serviceable locations which can be managed later by the admin and his team. Admin can add/edit the added locations thru his panel at any instance of time. Locations can be added on the basis of city, area & pin-codes.
Any added location can be activated/deactivated for any service availability.

Services Creation with Qualification Criteria Questions

Admin thru his panel creates the list of services to be offered on his website which is done on location basis. While creating a service, admin defines a set of questions on the basis of which a user would be able to look for his appropriate service & book the same.
serivce creations
min order

Minimum Amounts for Booking Service Wise

Admin can define a minimum booking amount against every listed service on the website. With the minimum booking amounts criteria, the user is bound to book a service with the pre-defined minimum amount. If the order amount is below the minimum booking amount, the user would not be able to book the services.

Provider Registrations & Activation

Any provider who wishes to register himself on the website and get his profile & service listed has to follow a registration process. The registration of a provider is a closed process i.e. any provider registration has to undergo an approval process by the admin.
The registration form and the required KYC documents as submitted by the provider are sent to the admin for due-diligence post approval of which the provider is made live on the website.

Provider Profile Creation

Once the provider registration is approved by the admin, he can access his account on the website. On accessing the account, provider can create his profile which would be visible to the end user. The provider profile consists his work experience, area of expertise, ratings & reviews, the amounts charged by the provider for his services, his achievements etc.

Provider Mobile app

The registered providers are provided with a mobile application using which they can access their panel, order requests, account summaries, open/pending/closed orders etc.
mobile app
probider wallet

Provider Wallet Creation and Recharge

As a provider is successfully registered with the website, the system automatically creates and associates an online wallet with the provider account. The provider needs to get his wallet recharged post which he would start getting leads for his business.
The provider can choose from various subscription packages as offered by the admin and as per his selection, he can get his wallet recharged using the 3rd party payment gateways on the website.

Social Media Logins & Sharing

The system is integrated with many social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. Any user coming on the website can either register on the website by using his emailed/mobile number or thru his social media accounts.
On selecting social media login’s, the system automatically fetches their details from the selected social media account and get the user registered.
media social
service listing

Service Listings & Booking Process

The user coming on the website can search for a listed service by entering his location. As the location is entered by the user, he can see the list of available service & its providers in that location.
He can browse thru different providers & their profile before making a final decision. On finalizing the service & its provider, the user can proceed ahead with the booking process by entering his details and completing the process.

Lead Qualification Process

The end-user before booking a service needs to fill in a questionnaire regarding his requirement and the services that he is looking for. Once the questionnaire is filled and submitted, the system runs an algorithm and filters the service provider’s that best fits the user requirement. The system filters the service providers as per their inputs on that questionnaire. Thus, every provider receives a qualified lead.
lead process
lead management

Lead Management & Distribution

The generated lead in the system is a qualified lead as per the filled questionnaire. The system automatically filters the leads as per the qualification criteria and share them with the respective service providers.
Every lead generated is shared with all the service providers for their quotations.

Proposal Sharing, Limitations & Messaging

Once a lead is shared with all the service providers, they need to revert to the user with their quotation/proposal as per the requirement. The system limits only ‘x’ number of users to revert on a lead with their proposal which is on 1st come 1st serve basis.
The system also has an internal messaging system between the leads and the providers.
Proposal Sharing
statement fo account

Statement of Accounts

The system manages the account statements of the listed service providers automatically against every service request. In case of lead generation, a pre-defined sum of amount is deducted as a commission from the provider’s online wallet.
The system gives a complete credit-debit summary to the provider as well as the admin.

Post Service Feedback & Reviews

When a service is booked by an end-user on the website and is fulfilled by the provider, the user can post a service feedback with his ratings & reviews to that particular provider. The feedback & the reviews will be displayed on the provider’s profile page which helps the buyer to make his decision easily.

Dashboards & Reporting

Admin dashboard contains the masters for all the modules as available on the website and he can manage everything for his panel itself. From the dashboard, admin can see the order’s list, buyer’s list, service agent’s & all other modules and their functionalities. Admin from his dashboard can also view the various MIS reports as embedded in the system.

Affiliate Integrations

To increase the number of visitors on the website, admin can have many affiliate engagements who would be driving more business to the website.
The system is capable enough of having various affiliate integration and hence managing their commissions on every successful order placement and their statement of accounts. System also keeps a track of visitors coming on the website thru these affiliates.

Location specific service restrictions

The service provider while listing his services needs to specifies a location in which his services would be available. The system restricts the sharing of unserviceable leads to the providers i.e. no service provider will be shared a lead which is out of his serviceable location.

Staff member logins

Admin thru his panel can create sub-admin/staff member logins for his team members & subordinates.
Every user is provided with a panel with restricted access to the panel functionalities and roles. This access is defined by the admin for every user.

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