Are you an On-Demand Services Company with InHouse Team of Professionals

If you are a company who is managing a team of inHouse professionals servicing in various service industries like computer repairs, plumbing, house cleaning, website design and many more then we at Retaxis have the right solution for you which will help you manage your man power efficiently.

How we help you do this

It is like an online store where buyers comes and subscribes to your services offered
by a team of professionals part of your business.


Location Creation & Management

The admin panel has an ease of creating new serviceable locations which can be managed later by the admin and his team. Admin can add/edit the added locations thru his panel at any instance of time. Locations can be added on the basis of city, area & pin-codes.
Any added location can be activated/deactivated for any service availability.

Team & Department Creation

Admin can create new teams and departments in the system hierarchy. Every created Teams/Departments has specific functionalities and every user under the team has some pre-defined roles & responsibilities.
System take cares of the hierarchy management & the reporting of every user in the team to his senior management.

Services Creations with Variable Pricing

Admin can create the list of services that he wishes to offer on his website along with their inclusions/exclusions and their pricing plans. Every listed service showcases its offerings and the prices as per the inclusion/exclusions as pre-decided by the admin.

Packages Creation with Locations & Service Groups

Admin can create packages with bunch of different services included in it. The packages are created on location basis and includes only the bunch of services available in that location.
Different packages contain different bunch of services & pricing and are available only in specific locations as defined by the admin.

Buying process

Once the user is thru with all the features of a service/package, he can move ahead with the ordering process of that service.
The service/package is added to his cart by the buyer where the final to be paid amount is visible to him.
To complete the buyer process, user can make the online payments using the 3rd party payment gateways. The completed order is pushed to the admin to processing & actions to be taken on it.


Order Management

As an order is created by the buyer, it is automatically pushed to the admin for processing. Admin checks the ordered service/package, its location and other details. He can see the buyer’s information, payment status and other relevant information against that order before pushing it to his operation’s team/Service agent.

Request Creation and Allotment

As and when an order is received against any service or package, admin creates a service request which is allocated to an empanelled service provider for the further processing. The service provider post allocation of the service request can see the complete order/service details, buyer details and the time schedule for his visit.

Request Scheduling & Location Sharing

As the order is allocated to any service provider, the buyer details like his service location, time schedule and contact information are shared with that service agent for his further processing. In case the agent needs to reschedule the service time, he can ask the same from Admin. Admin can then speak with the buyer to reschedule the time and intimates the rescheduled time to the respective service agent.

Request Fulfilment

On the schedule date and time, the service agent visits the buyer’s premises to complete the set of jobs as assigned to him. Since the buyer details are available with the service agent, he can speak with the buyer to confirm his availability. Hence, he can finish his job and mark the status of the order as completed in his mobile app.

Technician Tracking

Every technician in the system is provided with a mobile application on which they receive the service requests as allocated by the admin. The technician when out for a service can be tracked using the GPS enabled location services in his mobile app.

Additional Services Billing

The service agent visiting the buyer’s place for a pre-ordered service can create an additional service billing if its required at that instance of time. The buyer can ask the service agent for an additional service job or while performing the job, the service agent can suggest the buyer for an additional service that needs to be taken care, in such a case the service agent can create an additional service billing request to the admin.


Statement of Accounts

The system manages the statements of accounts against every order placed on the website. An account credit-debit summary is created against every placed order in the system.

Feedback & Reviews

The user can punch-in his reviews along with his feedback on the website against the service he booked. Post completion of the service he can mark his reviews for the service provided, about the staff and any other review/recommendation that the buyer wishes to share with the website.

Dashboards & Reporting’s

Admin dashboard contains the masters for all the modules as available on the website and he can manage everything for his panel itself. From the dashboard, admin can see the order’s list, buyer’s list, service agent’s & all other modules and their functionalities. Admin from his dashboard can also view the various MIS reports as embedded in the system.

Affiliate Integrations

To increase the number of visitors on the website, admin can have many affiliate engagements who would be driving more business to the website.
The system is capable enough of having various affiliate integration and hence managing their commissions on every successful order placement and their statement of accounts. System also keeps a track of visitors coming on the website thru these affiliates.

Coupons & Promotions

Promotional activities & coupon codes can be managed by the admin panel. He can run promotional activities for new & existing users which can be time bound or condition specific.
Coupon codes can be created using the backend panel which would be made available to the buyers using which they can avail discounts on their purchases.

Google Map Api integrations

The system is integrated with the google maps api’s using which the service agent can easily search for the service/buyer location using his mobile app.


Call centre module for Order Bookings

The system also takes care of the user who wishes to book a service on call. Using the call centre module, a user can speak with the call centre executive and can successfully book a service request as per his requirement.

Staff member logins

Admin thru his panel can create sub-admin/staff member logins for his team members & subordinates.
Every user is provided with a panel with restricted access to the panel functionalities and roles. This access is defined by the admin for every user.

On-Demand Services Marketplace with In-house Professional teams powered by Retaxis

Retaxis is an On-Demand Services Marketplace Website Design Company who can help you setup your own marketplace with payment gateway and team management software. Retaxis is a brand owned by CSTech with the primary motive of empowering e-commerce solutions that involves more than 2 people transacting on a platform. These are typical marketplaces which are homologous to big names like Housejoy, & Taskbob in current scenario.
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