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Email Marketing – Avoiding Spam Folders

no spam please

E-mail marketing is where you send emails to your existing and prospective customers’ emails that are meant to increase business. A worried online site retailer is rather concerned about why his mails aren’t really increasing his business. He is yet to know that all of his emails are not even read to forget closing a sale. That’s the inevitable danger of landing in your customer’s spam folder.

In easy terms, spam is a folder that stores all the mails that are presumed to be faulty and where the emails can be misleading. You though being a bulk mailer having no bad intentions can still land you in spam.

So here are steps that we suggest you follow to curb the chances of your email landing in the spam folder.

An email today is the most popular communication mode and has been abused by businesses for commercial benefits. Though it is not wrong to use email to send commercial information, we have to keep in mind that we share this information with users who intend to receive it and benefit from it. A Golden Rule that prevents your emails from not landing into spam is NOT to send spam emails.

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