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Retaxis offers you web management store, online marketing, customer engagement and store e commerce analytics. A few glimpse of some online store created by our team and how we helped the website owners to convert browser into buyers. 

Important Aspects of an E Commerce Website Design

Clear Logo

A clear and remarkable
logo is essential for both shops and branded stores.When it comes to
E-commerce, a detectable logo is the identity and element of trust of
the company or business.

Product Catalogue

  • Unlimited product attributes to create and manage right from your admin panel. Sell anything from a pen to a mobile with ease.
  • Upload multiple images and views of your jewellery, images can change according to colours of the products.
  • Select multiple display categories for a single product for correct categorisation.
  • Option to refine your catalogue results by subcategories, size, budget, colours etc can be added with ease.
  • Responsive layout that fits all screens automatically.

Product Specifications

Providing proper product information in a clean, concise manner is the foremost instrument for any business. Same happens in E-commerce also, if the customer cannot find all the product information he is looking for, their uncertainty about buying the product will continue. Allow customers to sign up to get up notified as available, when the product size or color do happen to go out of stock. This way they’re much less prone to go to a competitor, and it indicates that you care about serving their wants.

Related Products

One of the proven ways
to increase traffic and keep moving the sale engine is to show users
the related products that are similar to the product page.

Suggested Pages

Suggested Pages provides users the flexibility of searching the products they are interested in.It helps to increase the sales by sending traffic to those specific products which the search bar suggests. Don’t forget to add certain promotional and seasonal offers in order to increase traffic to specific parts of the website.

Social Media Links

It’s said that almost 20% of online purchases are accomplished after surfing through social media sites. People are inhibited to take public opinion. Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are the best source to get the info you need on just about everything.

Social Media account on your Ecommerce Website Design also brings better opportunities for self-promotion, and to find new customers.

Shopping Cart, Login Box and Search Box

Shopping cart, login and Search Box are usually placed together at every Ecommerce website. Make sure to exhibit the cart on the page in a small window in such a way that when a product is added, the customer gets an assurance that his product is added. At many times, viewers could add a number of items to their browsing cart while not having the intention of genuinely finishing their buy.Instead of forcing your shoppers to make the option of deleting a product out of your cart, allow them to put it aside for later instead.

Shipping and Payment Options

A various method for Shipping and Payment is essential for an enhanced shopping experience. Exceptional buyers will choose different delivery modes – some need their products to arrive instantly and others agree with paying much less for slower transport.Due to the fact the checkout process is a massive investment of effort and time, permit buyers to calculate the transport costs directly from their searching carts before they start going through the checkout procedure.

E-commerce website deals with many customers around the world and they have their own Payment system. Online stores commonly use credit and debit cards, gift vouchers, cash on delivery, PayPal, etc. as their main payment system. As you can see with the following examples, payment details should be displayed on the home page in plain sight in the design of an Ecommerce Website.

Payment Confirmation.

Notify each and every customer regarding their payment confirmation not only by displaying a

payment confirmation page but also by sending them an email confirming receipt of their payment. Provide your customers with tracking information once their order has shipped as well so that they can feel at ease through the final step of the transaction.

Elements of a Successful E-commerce website

Build a Solid Foundation before launch.

Get organized, track your customer and automate as much as you want before the launch. Always prepare for any kind of foreseeable problems regarding the business. Operations mistakes are very expensive to fix later on, so you need not to hurry.

Focus on goals on every page

Every page in design of Ecommerce website should have an outlined reason. For instance, your homepage should attract users to click on through to your categories, or other but straight to a product page. From there, your product page should reply any recurrent doubts users might have and convince them to make a purchase order. The checkout process must be simple and should be followed by a mail notifying you about the successful payment.

Provide Contact Information.

Customer satisfaction should be the foremost priority of an e-commerce business.In order to get handy with the customers; contact information of the organization should be provided on the top of the page in the E commerce website. In case you don’t show your contact info visible for your customer, and they need to scour your web page for contact info, it could lose you a sale. In addition to providing your location and phone number, you could also provide FAQs, product reviews, customer or comments for customers to read, as good as consumer-generated content material like client testimonials that spotlight satisfied customers that use your products.

Build Brand Loyalty

In today’s marketplace very few customers stay loyal to a brand. And why should they? The internet makes people proactive about buying anything as the countless website offers hard to turn down sensitive discounts to drive sales. These sales may seem like a tremendous value, but how a company converts these deal-seeking customers into brand loyal customers is critical.

Look for opportunities to bring the customer back to your website whenever possible. Keep your quality high and engage your customer every time at the launch of new product or seasonal sales. By doing this, you’re not only servicing their needs but showing them that you care about their experience beyond selling them a product. Furthermore, you also have their contact information for future email campaigns.

Simple Checkout process

Ever wondered why a visit to your website is not converted into sales. Many organizations make different strategies for the resolution. Customer willing to make a purchase from your site will just exit from your site if he found the checkout page complicated and cluttered.

Create a checkout page process that makes payment simple. A simple checkout page not only simplifies the payment but also make the customer aware of the extra costs such as flat, shipping rates etc. Displaying trust symbols like VeriSign or MacAfee on your Website design page indicates that the checkout process is safe and secure and is also effective for future transactions.

Keep your website up all the time

A website is the face of e-commerce business so make sure it works correctly all-time the day. Make sure your website should have the ability to handle any future needs you might have. Upgrade your hosting plan today in case you don’t have one. Your business will eventually grow as your orders will grow so make sure you are prepared and is not lagging behind. Being skimpy on a hosting plan that is not suitable to handle the amount of orders coming in will negatively affect your reputation and lead to decreased sales figures.

Designing an Effective E-commerce website

Build Brand Recognition

Maintaining constant branding across your website helps users to recognize your brand and to differentiate from the other ones. Whether it’s your color, your layout, simple branding technique will set a benchmark for you as well as ease to the customer. Keep your designs, layout font text simple so that the customer is able to know you properly and trust you.

You can also get a safe start by looking out at major e-commerce website and borrowing techniques because major website tests their design over and over to test what generates the best results for them.

Effective Call to Action

Have you ever think that you signed up almost for all things in your life? Each one of this signups is likely a result of an effective call to action button.

Call to action button such as “Add to cart”, “Checkout”, or “Submit Payment” should be present on each page where a specific action from the user is required. Call to action button acts as a next step towards accomplishing a goal on the page.

Do not put more than one CTA button per page and it should be positioned in such a way that it should focus on the main goal of the page. Always remember your CTA button should be the largest button on your page.

You should also introduce a Secondary CTA button but make sure it doesn’t detract the user from the main goal of a page. For example, if a visitor is not willing to download something from your website, you can also offer secondary options to keep the customer engaged.

Backend of a Strong E-commerce website

Data Control

Trying to get your website rank well for various relevant keywords in search engines. Controlling your metadata information is important and you should also be able to customize the title tag of each page on your website. A sitemap.xml file tells search engines concerning all the pages on your website and ensures that those pages get crawled. However, you don’t wish to own to jot down the page title of every and each product on your website, particularly if you’ve got thousands of products. Instead, making rules for every product can assist you to optimize an oversized variety of product pages all directly.Your content management system ought to enable you to transfer a robots.txt file and additionally create it simple to edit if would like be.

Addition of Content and Editing of codes on Site.

Ecommerce websites are all about content. Adding new and unique content keeps the visitor engaged. For constantly adding new content to a website, you need to have a way to easily add essential codes to new pages. Things like Google analytics tracking code, website optimization software code or any JavaScript code are the essential requirements of E-commerce website that needs a timely update. Having this setup ahead of time will skip the need of a web developer. This is particularly helpful when existing code simply needs slight modifications in order to continue providing your business with the functionality it needs.

Website Management

Being the owner of a website you should have a place where you can review all your information regarding the site performance. Customized dashboard offering information about stock items, sales figures, and performance metrics, helps you to understand the status of each sale that comes from the website, shipping orders, customer information and you can update your inventory according to customers purchasing patterns.


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