How to evaluate an ecommerce solution provider?

How to evaluate an ecommerce solution provider?


With the Digital revolution, more and more entrepreneurs are shifting their business online but are finding hard to sustain due to lack of knowledge. A good eCommerce provider will help sail your boat perfectly in the e-world. The internet is flooded with the eCommerce solutions providers but trying to get the real ones out of the noise is a challenging task. Here are few tips which help you to orient in evaluating your eCommerce solution provider.

Cross-verify their Clients and Portfolio

Have a look at the websites they have developed and the partners they have worked with. Navigate few pages of the websites (mentioned in the portfolio). Make sure the websites have the features which the solution provider promises. Pay extra attention to the layouts, UI and the working process. This will help you in better understanding of your project as well. Carefully examine the checkout and cart building process. Some questions which you should be aware of:

    • Does the cart shows shipping charges? They shouldn’t be hidden.

    • Does a signup is required for shopping?

    • Try to navigate back in order to verify that
      the session is maintained and the cart still holds the products.

Search Engine Placement

The websites mentioned in portfolio should have a good Google rank placement. Try entering the complete URL of the website (pick some websites from the portfolio) in the Google search bar. The website should be available at least in the top 5 ranks. Non availability is a bad sign and you must look for another provider.

Responsive or Not

Grab your mobile phone or tab and quickly explore the websites listed over the portfolio. The design should stay intact. Any inconsistencies should be carefully examined. Follow the same procedure mentioned in #1 for checkout process. If the things are not falling in place or the navigation is cumbersome. It’s high time to switch to another eCommerce solutions provider.

Product and Category Listings

Providers such as Retaxis offer unlimited product and category listings. The categories and sub-categories make the searching process easier both for the admin as well as user. For example: Apparel is a very broad term, categorizing it into men, women, children, casual, formal , ethnic etc makes the overall process easier giving an extra boost towards UX.

The admin dashboard

Before making the final decision, ask you eCommerce solutions provider regarding the features in the admin panel and get a sample website tested. The admin dashboard must be user-friendly (Not everyone is tech-savvy), easy to navigate and must have provision for tax and commission calculations.

Last but not the least, enquire about the rates. A good solution provider will quote genuine rates and will offer services even after your website gets live. Retaxis is a trademark owned by CSTech and has been rated as the best and the most popular eCommerce solution provider globally. Retaxis offers the most affordable eCommerce solutions equipping with the right features and empowering your online portal grow as a BRAND in the e-world.

4 Simple Steps to make 2015 the best year for your ecommerce business

4 Simple Steps to make 2015 the best year for your ecommerce business

Time have changed, you now have an access of a large variety of products at your fingertips. You can shop at the luxury of your home or even while travelling.

2015 comes out to be a promising year with an estimated user of 290 million buyers in Asia itself.

The 4 steps, which help you to establish your business online in 2015

STEP 1 : Strong Reason to buy from you
Highlight the product quality, offers and give a strong reason to choose you and not an offline product. As the saying “The first impression is the last impression” when you are doing online business you should have some more pears (quality, offer, price, availability etc) to show than an offline store. Highlight those pears and get a good result. Buyer must get some additional benefits if he chooses you. You can also encourage repeat purchases with right use of coupon codes

STEP 2 : Sell online is all about online promotion
To establish your product in beginning you require using all the means available online. Decide a budget for promotion and than go for best technique to follow first. There are multiple options like PPC, SMO, SEO, EMAIL MARKETING ETC.

Among all these options SMO is the latest in which you get connected to almost all the people you want to. On single platform multiple tools are available for promotion and to connect also. In PPC and EMAIL MARKETING you must choose a proper target group for your ad or email to be forward.

STEP 3 : Complete knowledge to the buyer
Give a precise and complete knowledge of product to end-user so that he can choose a best product for himself. Once a buyer get a satisfactory product from you than he become regular customer to your online store.

STEP 4 : Plan for Success
Make a target to execute and a review after 3 months not just to increase sale also to check that your promotional plans are executed properly or not. The landing pages, the direction of social media. The options you have chosen for promotion of your product and website must go in right direction.

2015 is a year in which you can establish yourself in the ecommerce market as a businessman with less effort, because the business flow is in the favor of online market.

By setting up an online selling store in 2015, you can establish yourself as an online retailer and take your business into the hands of your customers. An online store works like a sales agent that works tirelessly 24X7, 365 days an year to help you achieve what you want.


4 Acid Testing tips for launching your online store

4 Acid Testing tips for launching your online store

When finalizing launch of your online ecommerce store one should make sure that the following tests has been done. This ensure and prevents you with the anticipation of launching your website in a jiffy and later on facing heartburns.

Compatibility & Responsiveness

This is the first and the most key step that must have to be performed before launching an online store because it checks the compatibility of your website with all the browsers. Since, it is very important that whatever browser a user is using, your website should work properly on that. Secondly, the responsiveness is directly linked with the resolution of your website because it is very important to check this whether your website is functioning properly on desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets or not!

Some tools you can use to check your website responsiveness are:

Note: They might not be exact in the way they display your website and in some cases the real look on the real device may vary.

Content is King

The second thing is to make sure that your content is up to the mark or not! Like, if your website consists of unprofessional content which does not make any sense then obviously, your traffic will be affected and the sales of your store will also be seriously damaged. Hence, it is necessary for a website to make their content error-free.

Some other things which should be kept in mind while checking the content are:

•    Formatting of the content
•    Grammatical mistakes
•    Images sizes and their locations
•    Contact information
•    Product details like prices, information, etc.

Make sure you use a plagiarism proof content so that it even acts as a unique content and gives your website organic seo boost. Some tools you can use to check your website copies are:


You should be sure of one thing that whatever image, link or button you have on your website, it should be interactive because you are running an online store. Every such link which leads to a social media page or any button or image present on your website must be linked with the right page which should be working properly.

•    Make testing customer accounts
•    If your website is multilingual, check all the languages
•    If your is international, check all the currencies first
•    Make test transactions going through all the payment methods
•    Delete the test orders before launching

Well now when everything is fine and you have gone ahead for the launch make sure the team working on the website knows about the “Known Issues” on the website admin panel. Restrict access of admin panel to 1 or a Max of 2 users.

The best way to make sure you are safe in terms of project functionality is to sit down and brainstorm (not STORM) with your technical team so that they can cover almost all the test cases expected for purchases on the online store.

Customer experience

If you perform this step before launching your store, that means you have cleared all the risks of making any mistake in your store! There are three levels to make it happen!

Test yourself!
Whenever you make any sort of change in your online store, try using the website yourself or test those changes as a local customer and see if you get stuck at some point while using the website.

Let your friends test it!
Check out your website through your friends as well! Ask them to go through each thing in your store and see if they get any problem or issue in that.

Professional testing
It performs the same step as above but it allows many other users to check your website. These professional testing websites are available for you to see if there is a weak point in your website.

The Launch is ready!

Done with all the above tests?
If yes, you are good to go with your online store! Start earning more from your store and keep making certain changes as required in your store by keeping the above mentioned points in your mind.

One more thing setup a different development and production environment and make sure that everything that you want to get on your live online store is firstly tested on the development environment according to the test cases suggested by you or your testing team.

Now, after launching  your online store,  the next question would arise in your mind is how making your first online sale? Click here to get an answer at

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