Return Management

Once the product is delivered to the buyer, it’s return period gets activated. Within the order return period, the buyer can ask for a return or replacement of that product.
return management
reason for return

Reason for return

The return of the product occurs because of the two reasons:
Seller Fault
By seller fault means, the product delivered to the buyer was not actually the product which was order by him i.e. the seller packed & dispatched the wrong item to the buyer.
Buyer Fault
Buyer fault means that the product ordered & the product received by the buyer is same, but the reason of return is that the buyer is not satisfied with the received product and wishes to get that product replaced with a new one.
In any of the faults, the buyer either wishes to get the product replaced, money return or store credits.

Product Replacement

In case the buyer wishes to get the product replacement i.e. return the received product back to the seller & get a new item reshipped to him against that same product.
In such a case, the order return request is generated by the buyer from his panel which is sent to the admin & the seller. The seller when accepts the return request, a reverse shipping intimation is sent to the logistic partner for the product pickup from the buyer’s place & to delivered back to the seller’s warehouse.
And then the seller ships another chosen product to the buyer.
product replacement
cash refunds

Cash Refunds

If the buyer wishes to get a cash refund against his ordered product, the product is picked up from his end and delivered back to the seller’s warehouse.
The product once received and approved by the seller’ the admin can refund the money back to the buyer using the payment gateway.
Cash refunds can only occur in case the order placed is a prepaid order.

Store Credits

In case the buyer wishes to get cash refund against his order which was a COD order, the marketplace admin can give him a store credit for his order amount in his online wallet.
Buyer can utilize that store credit (partially/fully) on his next order.
store credits

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