Upload Product

Once the seller is registered and is up with his seller panel, he can now start uploading his products to build his online product catalogue.
upload product
single produyct

Single Product upload

Using the single upload module, seller can add one by one products to his product catalog. While adding a single product, seller has to fill in the complete product details like the product description, display categories, attribute set- colors, sizes, brands etc., pricing, and images of the product. Once the complete information is added and submitted, the product is sent to the admin for approval process.

Bulk Upload using .XLS file

With the bulk upload module, seller has a functionality in hand by which he can upload multiple products to his product catalogue in a single go using the .XLS file upload. He can download an .XLS file from his panel in which he can update his complete product catalogue.
The updated .XLS file can be uploaded on the website along with the images of all the products as in the .xls file and all the products are uploaded on the website in a blink.
The uploaded products are sent to the admin for approval process and henceforth are made live on the website.
bulk xls
seller payout

Seller Payout

While adding a product, seller can see his payout associated with every product which means that during the uploading process, seller can see the calculation of his profit margins, commissions to be paid to the marketplace, service tax to be paid etc. which are calculated automatically by the system.

Commission category

While adding a product, seller has to select a commission category in which the product falls. Every product category has a different percentage commission associated with it. 
Every product can be associated to a single commission category.
commission category

Display categories

During the product upload process, seller defines the display categories of the product. The added products can be displayed in more than 1 display categories but will always have a single commission category.

Product Return period

Seller can also define the return period for the products he is uploading. Return period can be different with every product.
With the return period, seller can also define the terms & conditions for returns.
product return period

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