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What is a B2C Marketplace & why do you need one

A marketplace is an aggregation of businesses at a single place or online which helps the buyer to have a better buying decision and a larger collection to choose from. What do you need as a Marketplace Owner to run a successful and profitable marketplace.

Multivendor Marketplace Platform Highlights

Learn what makes us better than others and why you should choose us as your marketplace platform

1. Seller Registration & Activation

The first step of setting up a multivendor marketplace is to onboard sellers who can put in their product inventories online. You also need to look into compliances of a seller who is getting on-boarded and be sure that he is a legitimate business planning to sell online on your platform.

2. Seller Login & Dashboard

Registered sellers undergo a curation process in the admin panel post which the admin has the right to activate or deactivate a seller account. It is only after activation of a seller account that he gets to access his seller dashboard.

3. Product Uploading & Approvals

Uploading products with right image quality, size, descriptions and attributes is a task that you can pass directly to the seller who can manage it with ease right from his seller dashboard. A seller can add, edit or deactivate a product he wishes to sell on your multivendor marketplace directly from his seller dashboard.

4. Product Listing on the website

An uploaded products needs approval from admin before it hits the online store. The admin can preview the product uploaded along with choose the right categorisation for maximum visibility of the product. Admin can also define SEO parameters for the product uploaded.

5. Coupons & Promotions

As a buyer acquisition and retention policy a marketplace needs to run promotions and create coupon codes. These can be managed with ease right from the marketplace admin panel.

6. Ordering Process by Buyer

To a buyer visiting the website there is no difference whether the product is sold by single or multiple vendors. He can add them to his cart and commits a checkout post which the system will automatically split that main order into multiple sub orders depending on the vendors selling those products.

7. Order Processing

As an order is created it is sent automatically to the respective vendors for fulfilment. If an order has multiple items than its splits and goes to respective vendor who can fulfil the same. With seamless logistic integration the system allows buyers to track orders at all times from their panel.

8. Account Summary & Seller Payouts

As an order is shipped and delivered by the sellers the system automatically create a account summary of the amounts that are due to be paid to the seller at that time. Marketplace admin can also see these summaries in his panel and update the payments history as he makes a transfer to seller.

9. Attributes & Category creation

The system allows admin to create different attributes for different product types thus enabling him to list a huge variety of products. Admin can further create a category structure for convienent product navigation.

10. Feedback – Product & Seller

As a product is delivered it sets into action two different modules in the system. Firstly it triggers emails automatically to buyers to rate a seller or the product he has bought and besides that it also initialize the return period check to allow a buyer to return a product in case it is not what he has expected.

11. Marketplace Setup

The initial setup video when marketplace admin login’s to his panel. What are the features and modules at his disposal for him to manage the whole marketplace with ease.

12. Email templates

All the email notifications sent to sellers and buyers throught out the process has been logged into the admin panel which can be modified by marketplace admin at any time. In case you want to change the from email id or send a bcc of the same to your alternate email addresss you can manage the same with ease.

13. Staff Logins

You will surely have multiple people in the system managing multiple roles. Thru this module you as a marketplace admin can create users who can access your panel and also limit what sections they will have access to in their panels.

14. Reports

A list of reports that will help you analyse and track what is happening in your store. Besides the native reports provided in the platform the system also integrates with ecommerce analytics provided by Google helping you to gain more insights into your marketplace store.

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Admin Panel Demo

Login to admin panel to see what you can do and how you manage your multivendor marketplace.

Username : Coreb2c
Password : 45824582

Click Here

Seller Panel Demo

The dedicated panel that is available to all sellers who registers to sell online on your marketplace.

Password: 123

Click Here

Buyer Demo

Demo of the buyer storefront that will be available to visitors coming on your marketplace.

Password: 45824582

Click Here

Marketplace Implementations

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