Based Discounts

Quantity Based Discounts

In a B2B marketplace, admin can create either discount coupons which would be applicable on the final order amount or he can create quantity discounts which would be applicable on the product basis i.e. admin defines the product and its quantity on selecting which the discounted pricing would be shown to the buyer.

Quantity discounts on products

The products with quantity discounts are marked by the seller’s/manufacturer’s. The discounted price is variable and is dependent on the quantity of the product selected and added in the cart. For e.g. retailers often get better deals if they order more of the same item. For example, the cost per unit for t-shirts might be Rs. 1000 per unit if less than 50 pieces are ordered; Rs. 800 per unit if 50-75 pieces are ordered; or Rs. 700 per unit if 75 or more pieces are ordered.

Benefits of Quantity discounts

Using the quantity discounts, manufacturers can sell their product in large quantities to the retailers by offering them high value discounts on the quantity.

Retailers in turn can churn a good profit by selling the products in smaller units/quantities to the end customer

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