model for marketplace

Procurement Model for Marketplace

Procurement model is the process in which the marketplace which was earlier acting as only a facilitator between the seller & the buyer is now 1st procuring/acquiring the goods from the seller’s and then are selling them to the buyer.

With the procurement model, the marketplace 1st purchases the products from the seller and then further sells the products to the buyer with their own invoices.

procurement of products by marketplace

Procurement of products by marketplace

The marketplace in procurement model selects the products which are to be sold on the marketplace and from where the products are to be sourced.
Once the product sourcing is finalised, the marketplace procures/purchases the selected products from the seller and then those products are uploaded on the website on the name of a different entity as set-up by the marketplace. 
As a buyer comes to purchase a product, he creates an order against that product for which an intimation is sent to the marketplace. The marketplace then procures the product from the seller and delivers the product to the buyer with new invoices on their own name.

Invoice Generation

The invoices in a procurement model are generated on the name of marketplace or any of its entity which are shared with the buyer.
No seller details are shared with the buyer.

Product delivery

The product delivery is managed by the marketplace itself i.e. the ordered products are 1st delivered by the seller to the marketplace warehouse where the product is checked and new invoices are generated on the name of the marketplace and then using either the in-house team or a 3rd party service provider, the products are delivered to the buyer.

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