Multiple Vendor Order Management

In a marketplace solution, there are many seller’s whose products are listed on the website. Buyer coming on the website can add multiple products in his cart which might belong to more than one sellers and can generate an order.
As an order is generated, the seller receives an automated intimation mail/sms for the ordered products for the order processing part.

Order Check

Seller using his panel can see the order details i.e. the buyer details, product details etc. He can then check & pack the product to make it ready for delivery purpose.

Order Processing

To process the order, seller can change the order status from ‘pending’ to ‘Ready to ship’ which would automatically send an intimation to the logistic partner for the order fulfilment. Since the system is seamlessly integrated with the logistic partner’s, there is no manual hustle to arranging a pickup request rather the logistic partner is notified automatically regarding an order’s pickup & delivery details.

Seamless Logistic integrations

Since the system is pre-integrated with logistic partner’s, delivery pin-codes can also be checked from the product detail page by entering the buyer’s delivery pin-code. The system checks the entered delivery pin-code from the list as provided by the logistic partner to tell whether the product can be delivered to that pin-code or not.

Order splitting

The buyer while making a purchase can add a variety of products in his cart which may be sold by different sellers present across the nation. As an order is placed with products belonging to different sellers, the system automatically splits the order into sub-orders and every sub-order created in the system is associated with a seller of that product. So every seller receives an order intimation only for the product which is ordered for the products sold by him. 
No seller would know regarding the other products ordered by the buyer apart from the product from his product collection.

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