Easy Seller Registration & Onboarding

The process of a marketplace starts as and when a seller comes and registers his business entity with the marketplace to get his products listed on the website. 
B2B marketplace is a system in which any seller who wishes to register himself on the website must undergo an approval process by the on-boarding team.
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seller registration

Seller registration process

The seller who wishes to register on the website can do so by visiting the seller onboarding page. Using the seller onboarding page, he can fill in the registration form with all the required information as marked by the admin along with his business authenticity proofs.
Seller selects his type of business i.e. Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited or Public Limited company as per which the list of required documents is modified.

Onboarding team

As the seller fills in & submits the registration form, it is sent to the onboarding team for seller verification & approvals.
The onboarding team is assigned by the admin for the sole purpose of getting new seller’s onboarded on the portal and for their verification purpose.
As and when the registration form is submitted by the seller, the onboarding team gets active for the seller verification & due diligence. Onboarding team is authorised to approve or reject any seller registration.
onboarding team
onboarding team

Onboarding team approvals

As the due diligence is done by the onboarding team and the business documents as provided by the seller are verified, the seller registration is marked as approved. Post approval, the seller received an intimation email for his successful registration post which his seller panel is activated.
Post activation he can access his seller panel for the product uploading process.

Onboarding team rejection

In case the seller fails to upload his business documents or the information provided by him is found incorrect, the onboarding team can reject his registration form. While rejecting a seller registration, the onboarding team member has to mention the reason of rejection.
On rejection of the registration form, an intimation mail is sent to the user for the same.
onboarding team
business document

Required business documents for seller business authentication

For the due diligence, admin can ask the seller to upload his business authenticity documents at the time of registration. The documents may include: 

  • Pan Card Image
  • VAT/CST certificate image
  • Company registration certificate
  • Copy of Cancelled cheque
  • Address proof
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • LST Certificate
  • CST Certificate

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