Account Reconciliation

As the order is delivered to the buyer and its return period is over, the seller account reconciliation process comes into picture.

Seller Credit Debit report

System automatically manages the credit/debit record against every order.


Account summary

The system automatically creates an account summary for every seller which shows the record of his outstanding payments & cleared payments.
This summary is automatically created by the system and maintains the complete credit & debit record of every order as processed by the seller.
This account summary is visible to both seller & admin for the account reconciliation purpose.

Payment cycle

A payment cycle is pre-defined by the marketplace admin according to which the payments are made to the sellers. The admin as per his payment cycle checks the seller’s account summary for the pending payments of his completed orders.
As per the status, the payments of the seller are made thru account transfers/ cheque etc.

payment cycle
product return period

Product return period

When the product passes by its return period, the seller is eligible to ask the admin to clear his payments for that order. 
As the return period is over, the system marks that order with outstanding payment which is notified to the admin. Admin can then process the payments as per his payment cycle.

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